Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nutella, Latella, Fruitella and Mommy.

HAH. New skin! Evidently proves how much I talk and how little I work. From a far corner, we hear the Holiday Homework crying out of neglect. Awesome. I'm going to suffer when term reopens. Like, frizz up or something.


I finally saw Lucinda and Nicole again! Yes yes yes. *cheer! Anyway, Nicole was LATE again again again but it's ok we love her so we'll forgive her :D Picnicking at West Coast? Nonono. It was like.. snacking at West Coast.

THEN IT RAINED ! dundundun.

Being extremely cool and collected, we squealed when our sushi got hit with raindrops and walked briskly (ran) to a bicycle shelter!

Of course, our bicycle shelter wasn't as cool as that one up there.

So, we ate some more, and talked about how we were going to surprise Auni! She was down with ezcema D: Poor mommy.

Anyway, we turned up uninvited, and when she opened the door and saw us grinning and waving like maniacs, her (already huge) eyes WIDENED and she !


D: D: D: D: D:

She called Nicole and was promising our very painful deaths when her dad opened the door and let us in. :D YAY.

At her house, the four of us (long lost, finally reunited, emotional, overjoyed, sentimental friends) sat in front of the television and watched SPORTS DISASTERS on Channel 5 which was very gruesome btw. Then we made Nicole breakdance, and I did that funny heel-toe-rotate-walking-sliding-what-am-i-talking-about move which Weilun taught me and Lucinda was trying to learn. Meanwhile, after doing her breakdancing, Nicole wanted to break into Auni's room, which she disagreed with, so they were wrestling at the dining room. YUP!

Then we played TAP TAP REVENGE on Nicole's iPhone! I suck very bad at Tap Tap. Lucinda was owning everybody. And I dropped her iPhone twice successively xD xD xD

The trip home took me an hour and a half D: WHY SINGAPORE! Why are you SO SMALL, but NOT SMALL ENOUGH??

Pictures with Lucinda, who hasn't updated at all, so D:



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