Friday, July 24, 2009


Okay. I am stressed ha hah hah ha. The holy classroom of 4H shall now be The White Room, because I'm pretty sure I saw everyone with white hair recently.

In the midst of panic and utter chaos, Devy climbs onto the top of the toilet bowl, peeks across at the next cubicle and screams, "LOH LI SIN GET OUT OF THERE NOW!"

Mommy, mommy, don't work youself ill :)

Lyn too D: D: She's really hardworking, but the God of Results hasn't seen it yet ):

Strangely, I think TDP is good. I finally met the Ms Tan, who Brenda did an excellent job of imitating btw xD, at TDP today. I'm a little undecided about her... but the boys of TDP really like laughing at her until their faces are a deep, deep red, as though they watched too much of those kinda videos. TDP my eye, tsktsk. Hahaha. Meanwhile, WL, Devy, Mommy and I enjoyed passing notes that announced evil-TDP-boys' tragic and unfortunate downfalls. ~

I am very tired btw.

Today I went to hunt down Mr Goh for screwing my CCA/CIP/CDP thing again, which otherwise means that I cut half an hour off my lunch time D: D: (but I had another hour anyway ahaha) Vanessa sped walked to Tiong, tried to make me too, but I cannot speed walk so I ran ahead. And a caterpillar fell on my arm and it was gross and I was reminded of the MALARIA PARASITES for an instant brrrrrrrrrrrr. *convulses**shiver*

At KFC, Vanessa encountered... THE KFC AUNTIE!

The KFC cashier-auntie was talking to Vanessa like she was her long-lost granddaughter HAHAHA!! "That boy very rude! 没大没小!No manners!! How to find girlfriend? Would YOU like him? Huh?" To which Vanessa goes, "Ahaha.. ?" meekly. KFC is so funny I tell you. And the other cashier always gives Cuiling discounts and extra cheese on her fries. D: Cuiling can you buy KFC for all of us next time ah? :D

Ms Chia's mom makes awesome macaroni yum yum yum.

Okay. I am tired. See, no Kpop today. HAHAHA.

Cheryl was happy, is happy, and will remain happy!^^

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sapphire Balloons!

Ah, the jealous-inducing Ryeowook performance of Insomnia, performed yesterday, 18th July. Unlike many other fangirls, I, strangely, do not feel like strangling the girl (check youtube if you don't believe me, lol). I'm actually quite preoccupied with how disturbed I feel about Ryeowook's performance.. Sexy is not his genre :(
(Sexy dancing is not his genre too LMAO :D Leave it to Donghae, Wookie!)

Netizens go:
-"厲旭跟別的女人親密熱舞. 看的我都要哭了啦~吼..." [Ryeowook danced intimately with another girl. Watching this I want to cry~ sigh...]

-"I kind of hate that girl."

-"Our baby cute little magnae has become so hot... but please stop touching that girl TT__TT"


Be the maknae again! Don't grow up!! LOL.

On a side note, I want his graffiti shirt, cause it's nice!^^ And for a non-English speaker, his pronunciation is actually quite good :D And after watching the vid over and over again, being emo and love-depressed is not exactly his genre either, I realise :|

Okay, I'm doing Kpop blogging again. This is becoming a habit.

Homework progress is.. bleh. I'm avoiding amaths AGAIN. This is bad D: I'm really gonna fail if I keep skipping all the amaths homework Mr LB gives :X Another week is going to start. O levels are coming.. coming.... I feel unsettled. Don't think this is the right time to be using the computer HAHAH. How do you all manage your time anyway? I'm rubbish at managing my time :( It's like, I wake up, I blink twice and wow it's night time already, say hi to the bed and time for shuteye. Pfft D:


Zero Time Management (what else is new?)

Shall not blog in full, because sleep is calling ^^~~

[1] SHINee's Taemin was born 5 days after me (omfg, he's actually younger than me???) So happy birthday!!! I'm tired. Hahah.

[2] Super Junior's 2nd Asia tour officially started on Friday! There were lots of fan reviews. Imma get a plane to Korea!! Anyw it sounded really fun; jealous-inducing. LOL. ANDANDANDAnd aaaaaand!!!!!! Ryeowook covered Craig David's Insomnia!! He sang it in English!!! *squeeee!* Omg. Need. Watch. Performance.

[3] I have 3 ulcers on my lip and I bit down on them twice during dinner D: D: D: Hurts like mother. Grrr.

Okay. I shall leave the internet at peace. Need to watch Ryeowook's performance. Need to watch the whole of the concert actually. Need to do homework also.

Saturday, July 18, 2009



I think Mrs Tee told us that she got them at Raffles Place & online shopping..?
Hmm. Anyw. My drawing is accurate! Hahahaa. I still have the neoprints we took with them!! Bet you lost yours D: LMAO.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Because even though it was my birthday, sleep equates to 4 hours a night recently :(

Sorry, that's the korean version of Insomnia by Wheesung :D Cause I'm natually asian korean-biased :D :D

Original version by Craig David: here. But I don't really like it.
Sure it sounds the same. But the korean version has a heavier bass beat, so it's more dance-y. Or maybe I'm just naturally korean-biased. ^^


ANYWAY! Bren, Vii and Val gave me their whole afternoons on the 12th and I was super spoilt and my relatives came down with the new baby (PICTURES SOON SOON SQUEE!) and I had 20 over messages at midnight, and I actually thought my phone was going to spoil, SO I'M REALLY HAPPY!!! :D :D :D :D

Monday was cool. The teachers weren't being nasty AND MS CHIA GAVE ME A PEAR LMAO. Jac gave me Vitagen o_o.

Cinyi, I'm sorry about dropping the cap that day!! (LOL) BUT it's superrr adorable! And I'm wearing it RIGHT NOW, and my mom thinks I'm mad to wear it in the house. BUT YOU KNOW. FOR YOU. I'D DO ANYTHING. :D!!
CAN YOU GET BABO BACK??? Then I'll buy Jeero and we can pretend we're in sec 2 again!!

Pink-pen, it's okay. I'm sure your fishes don't blame you. LOL (fungus-in-eye EWWW). Your blog is dead funny, I'm serious !

Amaths killsssssss. I finished one whole, complete, long and extremely extremely exhausting amaths revision questions-thingy in class today AND I THOUGHT I WAS FINALLY ENLIGHTENED. But. Me using computer = me not doing new amaths homework = me totally not enlightened. Sucks D:

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Haha, I'm driving myself crazy on purpose. :)


Big Bang, Gara Gara Go. JPop Single.

Vanessa doesn't like. I love. :D

Anyway I really can't play Remedy until the action is fixed. Playability is like less than 50% now cause my fingertips BURNNN.

Remedy's comeback!! hahaha.

I am haaaaaapy! Because I went shopping with my sister today, and we didn't argue or anything and I got my god-awesome chain-earrings (FINALLYYYYY) and I bought uber cute pop-up stickers HAHAHAHA. Kiddy, but whatever. *squee!*

Anyone remember REMEDY? My awesome guitar, who never saw the light of day after Sec 2? Ahaha. Now I have brought it out to POLISH. BREATHE REMEDY!! BREATHE!!!!! May Kat, my guitar guru, be less cynical of me after this. HEHEHE. Poor Remedy's all dusty and everything. And it's still bloody high-action, and I haven't sent it to have it's strings lowered, so goodbye fingers, I'm going to cut you and blister you guys.

Oh yah. As to why I dug Remedy out again:

IU's acoustic covers for GEE, LIES and SORRY SORRY. My god. I am her new fan or something. Her voice is like honey. I LOVE HER EYE MAKEUP STRUMMING SKILLS. Lovelovelove. So yeah, she's inspiring me. HAHA xD

Hooray for; shamelessly plugging because I love it. That site is so awesome. So gossipy and bitchy!

So yeah, this is what I'm posting about at this insane time. Heh. I have to remember to finish my homework too T___T