Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Because even though it was my birthday, sleep equates to 4 hours a night recently :(

Sorry, that's the korean version of Insomnia by Wheesung :D Cause I'm natually asian korean-biased :D :D

Original version by Craig David: here. But I don't really like it.
Sure it sounds the same. But the korean version has a heavier bass beat, so it's more dance-y. Or maybe I'm just naturally korean-biased. ^^


ANYWAY! Bren, Vii and Val gave me their whole afternoons on the 12th and I was super spoilt and my relatives came down with the new baby (PICTURES SOON SOON SQUEE!) and I had 20 over messages at midnight, and I actually thought my phone was going to spoil, SO I'M REALLY HAPPY!!! :D :D :D :D

Monday was cool. The teachers weren't being nasty AND MS CHIA GAVE ME A PEAR LMAO. Jac gave me Vitagen o_o.

Cinyi, I'm sorry about dropping the cap that day!! (LOL) BUT it's superrr adorable! And I'm wearing it RIGHT NOW, and my mom thinks I'm mad to wear it in the house. BUT YOU KNOW. FOR YOU. I'D DO ANYTHING. :D!!
CAN YOU GET BABO BACK??? Then I'll buy Jeero and we can pretend we're in sec 2 again!!

Pink-pen, it's okay. I'm sure your fishes don't blame you. LOL (fungus-in-eye EWWW). Your blog is dead funny, I'm serious !

Amaths killsssssss. I finished one whole, complete, long and extremely extremely exhausting amaths revision questions-thingy in class today AND I THOUGHT I WAS FINALLY ENLIGHTENED. But. Me using computer = me not doing new amaths homework = me totally not enlightened. Sucks D:

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