Sunday, July 5, 2009

Remedy's comeback!! hahaha.

I am haaaaaapy! Because I went shopping with my sister today, and we didn't argue or anything and I got my god-awesome chain-earrings (FINALLYYYYY) and I bought uber cute pop-up stickers HAHAHAHA. Kiddy, but whatever. *squee!*

Anyone remember REMEDY? My awesome guitar, who never saw the light of day after Sec 2? Ahaha. Now I have brought it out to POLISH. BREATHE REMEDY!! BREATHE!!!!! May Kat, my guitar guru, be less cynical of me after this. HEHEHE. Poor Remedy's all dusty and everything. And it's still bloody high-action, and I haven't sent it to have it's strings lowered, so goodbye fingers, I'm going to cut you and blister you guys.

Oh yah. As to why I dug Remedy out again:

IU's acoustic covers for GEE, LIES and SORRY SORRY. My god. I am her new fan or something. Her voice is like honey. I LOVE HER EYE MAKEUP STRUMMING SKILLS. Lovelovelove. So yeah, she's inspiring me. HAHA xD

Hooray for; shamelessly plugging because I love it. That site is so awesome. So gossipy and bitchy!

So yeah, this is what I'm posting about at this insane time. Heh. I have to remember to finish my homework too T___T


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