Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sapphire Balloons!

Ah, the jealous-inducing Ryeowook performance of Insomnia, performed yesterday, 18th July. Unlike many other fangirls, I, strangely, do not feel like strangling the girl (check youtube if you don't believe me, lol). I'm actually quite preoccupied with how disturbed I feel about Ryeowook's performance.. Sexy is not his genre :(
(Sexy dancing is not his genre too LMAO :D Leave it to Donghae, Wookie!)

Netizens go:
-"厲旭跟別的女人親密熱舞. 看的我都要哭了啦~吼..." [Ryeowook danced intimately with another girl. Watching this I want to cry~ sigh...]

-"I kind of hate that girl."

-"Our baby cute little magnae has become so hot... but please stop touching that girl TT__TT"


Be the maknae again! Don't grow up!! LOL.

On a side note, I want his graffiti shirt, cause it's nice!^^ And for a non-English speaker, his pronunciation is actually quite good :D And after watching the vid over and over again, being emo and love-depressed is not exactly his genre either, I realise :|

Okay, I'm doing Kpop blogging again. This is becoming a habit.

Homework progress is.. bleh. I'm avoiding amaths AGAIN. This is bad D: I'm really gonna fail if I keep skipping all the amaths homework Mr LB gives :X Another week is going to start. O levels are coming.. coming.... I feel unsettled. Don't think this is the right time to be using the computer HAHAH. How do you all manage your time anyway? I'm rubbish at managing my time :( It's like, I wake up, I blink twice and wow it's night time already, say hi to the bed and time for shuteye. Pfft D:


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