Sunday, July 19, 2009

Zero Time Management (what else is new?)

Shall not blog in full, because sleep is calling ^^~~

[1] SHINee's Taemin was born 5 days after me (omfg, he's actually younger than me???) So happy birthday!!! I'm tired. Hahah.

[2] Super Junior's 2nd Asia tour officially started on Friday! There were lots of fan reviews. Imma get a plane to Korea!! Anyw it sounded really fun; jealous-inducing. LOL. ANDANDANDAnd aaaaaand!!!!!! Ryeowook covered Craig David's Insomnia!! He sang it in English!!! *squeeee!* Omg. Need. Watch. Performance.

[3] I have 3 ulcers on my lip and I bit down on them twice during dinner D: D: D: Hurts like mother. Grrr.

Okay. I shall leave the internet at peace. Need to watch Ryeowook's performance. Need to watch the whole of the concert actually. Need to do homework also.

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