Monday, August 10, 2009


The throat burnssssss.

Feels completely swollen at the back of my throat now. Pain in the neck much? :|

Tomorrow's agenda shall be nothing but study study study, take medication, then study more. Yes. Must not disappoint for O's, no matter how much my body is falling prey to bazillion bacterial infections/viruses just because it wants to!!

20 plus more days to prelims? Omfg.


boohoo :(


Hate sore throats to the core D: Doctor said there's a 53% chance it's H1N1. Why the heck does my body seize every opportunity to fall ill huh? D: Saturday night was hell, Sunday was even worse! Reminded me of the days before pneumonia. I thought it was some 'relapse' phase, lol. Luckily it's not pneumonia again -_- Otherwise it's back to sterile hospital pillows for me :(

SPORTS FIESTA!! Can't believe we won gold for table tennis :D :D 4H only has one player on the school team, and I thought we would lose to 4G or 4F... BUT WE WON! OMGOMGOMG. Spazzz. YAY! Playing with Jacquelyn and Aaron in the doubles was exceptionally funny, cause they were so HIGH!
Jac: *4F wins a point* AHHHH!!~ YES YES YES! *high fives Aaron*
Jac: *4H wins a point* AIYAHHH!~
Jac: *4F wins another point* YESSSS! HEHEHEHHEEEE. *squeals and jumps up and down!*

Was late for the NE quiz retake. I think it was such a weird game lol. What kind of builder am I? Hmm. I didn't check, whoops. But it was 400k plus points, so... :D?

Went to watch UP! It's funny!! But I couldn't stay long after that... so I went home :P

Anyway, this long weekend is so awesome! For once we don't have a truckful of assignments and work!! Squee~ Wanted to revise my subjects... But since I'm sick, I can't do much anyway :( Sobsob.