Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not procrastinating.

I think I've never been so addicted to a song teaser before (aside from Abracadabra, which also has an awesome teaser). SJ-M! Their pronunciation cracks me up so bad xD xD

But so addictive gah.

ANYWAY. I shall use this to make me continue studying! Something twisted, like, if you don't finish memorizing, you cannot watch the full MV on Monday. Or or or, if you don't finish the paper, you cannot watch the full MV on Monday. Or even something super drastic; if you don't finish reading, you CANNOT WATCH THE FULL MV ON MONDAY. *evil music plays*

Yah, my blog is supposedly dead. Never mind. You shall be sucked back into the wonderful KPOP filled abyss that is my blog SOON, when I am DONE with the major exams. Bahaha. Anticipate it! >:D

Right, Chem has improved, but still need help for Physics. Currently praying that Bio would not explode in my face, and that Amath (TO HELL INTEGRATION!) will somehow magically restore its former glory. And that is my work progress. Oh, and Lit. Poor poor me, getting C6 and F9 for lit essays. :(

Lit has completely stabbed me (ten thousand times) in the back. Screw.

Lalalala. Go study people!

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