Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am online because I am not studying.

Tomorrow's biology~~~
I'm not studying now D:

Spazzed with Ben about kpop yesterday. It was truly insane. And to think I made him watch Haru Haru only a few months ago!
(then again, Harris doing abracadabra and genie in class sure upped his interest in kpop HAHHAH)

Right so. Bio tomorrow. Haven't revised, but I will soon. And hopefully get a shiny shiny A1.. (prz prz prz!)
Chem will be on friday. Riceballs, Wings, Tomato&Cucumber (funny how all those names evolved from Swift Swallows :O) are going to play tennis and basketball on friday! Insane. I'm so under-trained I don't believe I can run anymore, rarrrh.

So yes. I am not studying now.

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