Monday, December 20, 2010

Hakodate, Toya, Rusutsu....

The weather here is intense. How do those Japanese girls still wear contacts out, the air so dry wtf!!

Anyway, at Rusutsu now! Going skiing soon whee!! I built 2 snowmen yesterday, they are CUTE!!
Wish me luck for the skiing part, hope I wont suck :/

The Japanese boys here are not very nice to look at btw, their teeth like a bit pointy one eh. And their hair all the same.. a bit beng HAHA. The girls on the other hand :O

Going to Sapporo (for shopping!!!!!!) the day after tomorrow!! Then Tokyo for three days and Ill be back in sunny Singapore!! Cant wait actually.

Im kinda glad Singapore doesnt have winter :/

PS: Rusutsu rocks cause there is internet xD

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cheap Shopping :D


Initially, we went round Admiralty Place near my house, and I spotted one I really liked, but a friend was already using it, so I decided against buying it. Sis said she'd bring me to Jurong Point, supposedly a haven for all small nifty little things, on the 2 of December! I was super excited, but she forgot, and made appointments with her friends ._. How polite.. ):

Then she said she'd take me to JP on the 5th, but we changed that halfway, and decided to go to this pasar malam at Toa Payoh, where a shop was selling

3 for $10!!

:O :O :O :O

Okay la, initially I was dubious as well. 3 for 10.. it must be those reject cases right?!???!



And they weren't like those pretty cheap stuff which is ALWAYS hidden behind piles and piles of ugly cheap stuff. 

*light shines*

Insanely happy with them. Please keep in mind they are 3 for $10.
Minitoons sell 2 for $10, and even then, the designs on their shelves are excessively ugly :(

Feels like satin. And the pink looks so frigging edible! :D :D

Currently using this pink one :D

This one is nice also :) More mature. And it looks AWESOME on a white iPhone.


How can you tell if it's fake?


The authentic product has this AWESOME hard resin button, not a rubber one. It's DAMN NICE. Really jellybean-like. Looks seriously edible.

A real SwitchEasy Colours case would look like:
Focus on the button!!


Besides the button, the cost also tells you if it's authentic or not. 

Fake SwtichEasy = $5.00 (or part of a 3 for $10 deal)
Real SwitchEasy = $22.00 (or more.)

And that is why the real SwitchEasy is better.

I tried to avoid buying the fake one... but it was nice la. I like the colour.
Besides, it was 3 for 10!!!
3 for 10
3 for 10
3 for 10
3 for 10
3 for 10
3 for 10
3 for 10

When something is 3 for 10, ALL CAN BE FORGIVEN.

And thus ends my bimbotic shopping post.



Friday, December 3, 2010

Last Month


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


YAY I have a hypocrite and a self-proclaimed "OH LOOK AT ME I AM SO ANGELIC" preacher for a sister. I know you can read this. Whee.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I think we all have to love our lives more.. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Is actually so much fun omg. But I get paranoid when I open iTunes now; keep imagining a big, evil eye appearing at the screen, glaring at me for jailbreaking my phone and then proceeding to crash and burn my beautiful MacBook.


My imagination sometimes...

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Cinyi;Cheryl Diaries (Episodes 1 & 2)

Episode 1: Destroying Our Hair

Episode 2: Bimbo Day

:D :D

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Day of Bimbo.

This was filmed a long time ago, when we (Cinyi and I) first tried to curl our hair :D
It was during one of the 2010 tt girls' gatherings, and because we wanted to get all dolled up for it (which, if you think about it, is kind of pointless, but pointless is cool), we were very late for our gathering xD

Ah, the woes of being fashionably late.

(All the curls disappeared by the time we reached our destination. We forgot the hairspray.)


Cinyi came over to my house! Our second try at curling our hair was MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL, and Cinyi's ability to style hair has gone up 10-fold!! I now declare Cinyi's salon marketable! >:D

We initially wanted to go to Tiong Plaza to catch YOU AGAIN, but because we looked like we walked right out of the streets of fashionable, fashionable Tokyo, we felt it would be a sad waste.

Fashionable tokyo:

I'm kidding, we didn't look anything like this :D :D


It was still anti-climatic though, because we spent majority of our time at iluma which was severely lacking in the human resource department ._.

It did have very nice toilets though..

Lunch at the fabulous EMPIRE STATE! Chose a cute little red/yellow booth and it was huge and spacious! Not to mention squishy. And judging by how we snapped away with Cinyi's DSLR at EVERYTHING in sight, it looked like we really had just hopped off a plane from fashionable Tokyo. :O

Pasta for us two ladies (snort), then DESSERT! Warm brownie in a pan of hot chocolate and ice cream side! DROOL, PEOPLE! Cause we were; I swear our eyes grew bigger than dollar coins when we saw the still-sizzling pan of sinfulness. It was loveeeeee <3

With stomachs aching and seams bursting, we walked round iluma and found, to our great excitement, A HARRY POTTER SHOWCASE AT (deserted) ILUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately it was just a room with all the 7 movie posters and a cardboard lampost which pointed to 'Hogsmeade' (the wall), 'Diagon Alley' (the other wall) and some other magical wizarding place which was apparently supposed to be at the opposite wall. Hmm.

Camwhored like mad, and had hell loads of fun imitating the posters there xD


Embarrassingly enough, it was my first time there.

It was fun!! Unfortunately, Cinyi lost a pretty pair of elegant black heels to this auntie in a neon pink shirt.

By then our feet (well, my feet at least) were ON FIRE!! Well okay, it was aching quite a bit. Back to Bugis Junction, where we found this HUGGGGE mirror outside the BYSI store! 

Big mirror + DSLR + two happy girls = the obvious xD

PICTURES ON FACEBOOK!! (after they have stopped taking their time to upload themselves on facebook. Photos these days, geez.)

Thanks for such a funny chio-taitai day Cinyi!! <3 
It's always fun, haha! ILY!!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Might pass my Biology with a low, barely-there E grade after moderation.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the master scoresheet tomorrow...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Just for the record,

General Paper: B
Chinese: C
Economics: -
Mathematics: E
Chemistry: S
Biology: S

I failed my promotion criteria.
4 H1 passes, 1 H2 pass. Probably going to fail Economics.
I needed at least 2 H1 passes (met) and 2 H2 passes (woe).

Don't know what's going to happen now exactly.

I feel so depressed.

I want to cry  die  drop out of school  stop being happy forever.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Status: Promote/Retain ?

In approximately 12 hours...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Post Promo, Pre PW/Chinese


Monday, October 11, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

POST PROMO DAY 2: Very very very bored :O

Picture from long ago. Green Tea Cream = ♥


As I stare at the promo timetable, I cannot actually believe that it's over. 
Like, 3 weeks ago, I was staring at that long table full of times and dates blutacked on my wall, both wishing that it would come and end sooner, and hoping that it would never come. And now, I'm taking it off the wall. Strange feeling. Promos mark the end of JC1 (sorta) and I cannot believe that I:

1) am over JC1.
Omg what happened to 2010?? Weren't we just feeling foreign a while ago with the fact that when we write our dates, the year part no longer starts with the number zero?

2) am over promotional examinations.
Because wtf, when I did so badly for midyears I was scared batty and nowwww.. now I have no more super hard mathematics/chemistry papers to worry about (just for now).

3) can eat, sleep, bathe and slack properly.
Yah, I'm going to take bubble baths from now on. Seriously, this whole year was hectic.
(Again, this is a 'just for now'. You know why? Read number 4)

4) have to worry about PW and A level Chinese now.
Oh please, please please may this journey be as painless as it can possibly be.

5) have to worry about PW and A level Chinese ONLY.
2 subjects!!?!?!?!

and finally,
6) will have to face my promoted/retained status on 25th October.
It's too soon... ):


So yesterday I did a lot of slacking.. finally watched Bring It On: Fight To The Finish and Hellcats, and I am a very very happy girl :D Cheerleading is aweeeesome. Today I watched Good Luck Charlie, and I am ABSOLUTELY in love with Mia Talerico, the namesake of the show. She's frigging adorable :O

And speaking of cute... you know what else is cute? :D




Minichip sleeping! :D
Yes I am very stressed during promos, how did you know? :O

Yay, more lighting :) 
Is my hand puppet not the cutest hand puppet ever? :D :D


Deshawn was hospitalized and had to go under the knife again ):
18/10 (plus some of 18's moms) folded a thousand cranes for Deshawn to get well soon! :D
Plus a 'phoenix' courtesy of Mr Ho ._.
He folded a piece of paper diagonally in three and called it a phoenix. And whatever mental image you have in your head is probably correct; yes, it IS that bad :O

 Dark pink cranes!

Sunny-Orange cranes having a meeting :O

 Army of Orange cranes. It was hard getting all of them to stand

 Pretty Sunny-Orange crane :3

 I don't know what this is.. Another breed of crane?
We suspect Keith folded it.

 In pink! :D :D

Sandra, mastermind of 1000-crane project :)


So these cranes were safely delivered to Deshawn on the Friday before promo week. It was quite scary that we devoted so much time to folding cranes RIGHT BEFORE promos, but everyone helped out, and they helped out A LOT so... it's a good thing. :) 

Oh yes. Before I go; 


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The (Random) Minichip and Minidale Introduction

This is Minichip! :D

I don't really know when his birthday is (when he was made) but I'm going to set his birthday on the 13th of July (guess who's birthday!). He's actually a hand puppet, and he used to be a lot whiter at his  face and tummy areas.. but white stuff always turn gray when you hug it too much :O
Anyway, Minichip sleeps all the time. Like when I get ready for school, he sleeps. When I'm having breakfast, he sleeps. When I leave the house, he sleeps. When I'm at school, he's probably sleeping too. Reached home, still sleeping.

But when I feel really alone, or really sad, Minichip's always around :D
He doesn't say much to me (surprise surprise), but I guess he always listens. He doesn't judge me you know!! :O Hehe.
I think Minichip knows me the best (sorry twin :B) and knows all my little secrets... But don't kidnap him for the secrets ah :O

Minichip was given to me by someone really really important to me, and maybe that's why I'm so biased and Minichip became like my favourite little comfort friend at home and knows everything about Cheryl :) Awesome or what!! :D :D

Favourite little comfort friend! Minichip likes to say hi randomly to everyone! :D

Anyway, I think that someone really really important to me needs a friend like Minichip! :)

So, I shall also introduce to you:

This is Minidale! :D

Minidale was super hard to find. I think he was made to be really hard to find. You know, all that rare jewel kind of things? :]

Anyway when I first saw Minidale at Tiong Plaza (SO HARD TO LOCATE), I didn't like how he looked at all! :O Cause I was so used to how Minichip looked like, so Minidale's appearance was like..
I imagined an equally brown chipmunk, with two cute vampire teeth and a red nose (that was supposedly smaller), NO LIDDED EYES, and no hair! (Just like Minichip.)

But after awhile, he suddenly looks too cute to be true.


Stare at the photo of a happy Minidale waving at you, and tell me you don't think he's cute without lying.


HAHA. So yes. I don't know much about Minidale, but apparently, he has a very cool personality, and likes to dao people.

But I don't think so!
I think he likes to sleep just as much as Minichip, and he's very caring even though he looks very sleepy. He likes to eat a lot, but sometimes he's too lazy to move. While Minichip is good at listening, (and so is Minidale),  Minidale likes to give random advice that doesn't make sense. Maybe he learnt the "Google-For-Solutions-To-Any-Problem" habit from me :O

Yes, I think that must be Minidale.
He isn't anything like Dale, but he is definitely Minidale.



They're best friends! :D

They're inseparable.

Even though I don't see Minidale a lot, they both make me happy :D

Cause they mean a lot.
They symbolize a lot, to me :3


YAY! This was a random post. In the middle of preparing for Promos. 
Just thought we should think about happier things when we're struggling.

Makes life more colourful, correct? :D

Must be more and more positive as our exams come!!
We can do it!

Talk to a Minichip or a Minidale when you are sad ok?
They'll listen to you!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rather routine, but we'll just have to colour the page ourselves now, no?

Even though the trial Angel and Mortal game we're playing in class was supposed to be top secret, I'm guessing half the class already knows each other's angels/mortals ._.
Hmph. Kill my efforts to keep it a surprise for the respective mortals (zzzz).

Although, while gossiping about the who's who, I was really very heartened when I saw what some of them have done/are planning to do for their mortals, or even the amount of worry they hold because they don't know what to give/write/do to their mortals. It makes me feel :D :D :D because it means we're trying to look after someone else in class now; even though initially a lot of them were praying that they wouldn't get a mortal they hardly spoke to (a lot of them got a mortal they hardly spoke to), in the end, I still saw them thinking about how best to make their mortal's day.


Made me very happy. So even though this trial run hasn't ended (heck, it hasn't even started), I daresay it is a success :D

I hope 18/10 will be this cute forever :)


Anyway, of course not everything will be so fine and dandy. Promos in 29 days time, and it's scaring the shit out of everyone. After the midyear shock, where almost 70% failed chem and 50% failed maths, everyone is so stressed and worked up about promos and the unforeseeable future.

Damn disgusting ahhhhh, why can't we like, return to primitive times to hunt tigers for breakfast, cook bamboo for dinner, grunt and pick our noses in public? 

So I just hope everyone holds their pens tighter and be resilient. Times are hard now, and they will be more taxing in the future no doubt, but for now, right now we just really have to past this obstacle.



And to Hilmie my very sweet brother (though I don't think you'll read this, but heckkkk), DON'T BE SO STRESSED even though everything in your life is making you stressed, but you can do it! Take some time off for yourself! :D That's more important than all those deadlines. Makes you more efficient :P Smile at silly things more, and sleep earlier :O



The 'O' level stress only seems less intense because we've gotten over it.

Imagine what we'll say when we've gotten past this :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You Can Do It!!!!!

YES WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Mathematics,

I will love you and think about you and diligently practice you from today on, please be nice to me. I will improve!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pleading with yourself is never a good sign.

So I keep thinking about how lucky/unlucky I was for Mid-Years.

Yes, I was one of the top scorers for Biology.
But to what extent? It was a B, it was, quite frankly, a very lucky shot. Individually speaking, my script was honestly not very good; there were way too many flaws. My teacher even picked them out.

Yes, I did well for General Paper.
And yes, I will continue working hard for it. I really like my (new) GP teacher. Despite describing herself as sarcastic and cynical, I (and much of the class) cannot help but think that she is simply godsend :) I will do well for GP, I will understand what AQ wants us to do!!!!

So. Leaving the more neutral ones aside.
Hello Chemistry.
Hello Mathematics.

I will improve you two.
Please, help me.

Dear Self,


Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have this friend. I only recently found out about her; her background, her home, her life.

And suddenly I feel like I've been the worst friend ever.

I tried to help today, really did. But I guess I was rendering the wrong kind of help, and I think I'm only going to add on to her misery. Sigh.

You're pathetic, Cheryl.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To all of us out there,

You can do it, you know you can.

On Maths and Motivation

So I tried doing Integration today.

It was a very bad experience. It was horrifying. I couldn't integrate, I didn't know where to put the coefficient of x, I got messed up with simple fractions and I had to ask very retarded, WORRISOME questions.

What happened to my Mathematics?

So I wasn't the brightest in Maths - have never been. I used to fail maths in Primary School, and fail without feeling pain because I was just THAT bad at Mathematics. Secondary School changed things. Secondary School was SUPPOSED to change things.

I met Mr Lim Bun, I met Lisin and Lyn, both whom spurred me to do better for Mathematics, I had 15 - 20 Amaths questions to complete in an hour and another 15 Emaths questions to finish in under an hour, I completed them, I was motivated, I could score 90% in Amaths tests, I could help teach other people Maths, I made Mr Lim proud, I made my mom proud.

It wasn't just about the content of Amaths and Emaths; it isn't just about the difficulty of H2 Maths. It was about being motivated enough to be good in my mathematics.

What happened to all that?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh, 넌 나의 Lollipop

날 느낀 순간 넌 빠져버린걸 알아 ~~~!!
And yes, this isn't about the newest Lollipop 2, because it isn't out in Singapore yet. But I do honestly feel that Lollipop part 1 has a nicer physical design than Lollipop 2 :B

The only thought that rings in my head: 내사랑 Bling Bling like L.E.D.!

My aunt called me suddenly just now, and she said she bought the LG Lollipop (RED) for me, because I said I like the LG Lollipop yesterday.


Note also, that that my aunt is someone who dislikes electronics which have a reputation for spoiling easily. AKA, she doesn't like the brand LG, regardless of how cute (!) it's products are.

I have so many kind people in my life ;________;

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Draw With Me

This has got to be the sweetest, most touching story ever.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And again.

I have to stop being so careless.

Regulate, moderate. Filter.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life is...


Monday, July 5, 2010

Right before school reopens for Term 3

Please bring the following for tutorials this week:

1) Environment DRP
2) MYCT GP Paper 1 Question Paper
3) Holiday homework for Paper 1 revision:

Please do the following as revision for MYCT GP Paper 1.

1. Do TICKS analysis / Use the U, S, T steps to analyse the question
2. Write an essay outline for both questions
3. Attach at least 2 relevant news articles for each outline.
1) To what extent are society’s values shaped by the mass media today?
2) Is environmental conservation overrated?

 I will be going through MYCT questions for Paper 1. Please come prepared with your essay question analysis done for all 6 questions (TICKS or Understand, Snap, Test).

Being the disobedient student that I sometimes am, this email alone was enough to kill me.

30 June 2010

A bit late, but

I looooove you @w@

Let's go out again sooon! (my birthday)
Upload the photos quick!! :D :D :D


Friday, July 2, 2010

Midyears 2010


Okay la, honestly I still have Chinese listening comprehension tmr, BUT WHAT THE HECK HEY? :D

Strangely, even though I don't believe I've studied as much as I could and should (not very strict with myself, but that's good... right..?), I still felt tired, sad and depressed. Y'know. The things that come with studying too hard. HAHA.

Admittedly, I slacked too much, delayed too much, and played too much. As a result, I really won't be getting any good grades (not like I have been, since I entered JC). But strangely, I'm much happier when I forgive myself, rather than beat myself up over what I did not do.

Forgiving, after all, comes with:
a) me getting over my slacking-trauma
b) me getting over my shitty results that are due to come
c) me adopting a better way to study and revise
d) me actually doing tutorials (THEY ARE GODDAMN IMPORTANT) instead of copying model answers from the board all the time (THEY ARE EVEN MORE IMPORTANT)
e) me resisting the impulse to eat all the time
f) me resisting the urge to go nip some of the instant noodles my mom is having RIGHT NOW.
g) me finishing my train of thoughts and not getting so easily distracted
h) me having fun now, and really working hard when lessons officially begin

Yes. I am good at reflecting.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

My dad.

Because of some family issues, I haven't been a very good daughter to my dad.
I don't greet him every morning now.
I don't make coffee for him.
I don't crack lame jokes over dinner and laugh with him.

Instead, I wake up later than him in the mornings.
Instead, I make breakfast for myself.
Instead, I finish dinner as quickly as I can, and retire to my room.

It's between my parents, really.
But it was something which grew onto me involuntarily.

Today, I felt a little sick of maths, so I logged onto Facebook.
A couple of my friends were spazzing out over the World Cup. Curious, I clicked a couple of links and got onto a live streaming site. Cheers of euphoria blasted from my laptop speakers and I was reminded of how I used to watch soccer on TV with my dad when I was young. I had cuddled next to him in his chair, and we watched soccer together, until my mom came in and hollered at me to sleep because it was way past 10PM - my bedtime then.

Feeling slightly detached from my body - or reality, so to speak - I unplugged my laptop and hugged it out of my room, to where my dad was.

He was in front of our desktop computer, checking out random information on Wikipedia.

I'd like to think it was all Singtel's fault.
Their fault for buying over the rights for airing FIFA, their fault for wanting to charge us poor little Starhub viewers an additional $66 to watch the World Cup. I think it was their fault, really, that when I looked at my dad reading up on random information on the net during the World Cup season, an unexplainable wave of sadness hit me.

I placed my laptop on the study table, next to the desktop screen. He looked up at me quizzically, the wrinkles on his face more defined than how I remembered them to be.

"Live streaming," I shuffled the laptop around a little. "You can watch soccer now. It's a little blur, and a little laggy, but it should be okay," I mused.


He smiled at me then, and I felt like I should have bought him that sixty-six dollar football channel instead, not subject him to pixellated (although life-saving) broadcasts.

I smiled back at him, and pulled a chair up beside him.

Then we started watching soccer together.

Friday, June 11, 2010

This is from Lisin.

Thank you, Lisin.
I'm going to work hard, really.

No more giving in self-indulgence.

LiSin says: (PM 09:47:17)
its tough now, but if you give up, it gets tougher
LiSin says: (PM 09:47:27)
only when you step over this boulder will things improve

Yes, I understand.

This is for Lyn.


She panted, muscles screaming, chest ripping apart.


Water streaked down in rivers; down her temples, down her back. Down her shins, soaking her socks. The heat, it didn't want to stop. It enveloped her, engulfed her, suffocated her. It clung stubbornly to her body, like a parasite; sucking her bone-dry.

The heat drove right through her skull, her body. Her shoulders ached, her arms ached, her legs ached. She was burning, but the water wasn't putting it out. The water got into her eyes. Fire seared them instantly, blinding her. Tears came, flooding out of her lids. They mixed with the sweat, and together in a uniform of salt and pain, they streaked down her face. Her hand lifted on its own, and in a brief swipe, her sweat and tears were flicked to the ground. Her feet pounded past.


She couldn't think.

Her vision was blurred. Where was she now?

Her lungs tightened in her chest. Gasps fell from her lips, unevenly, unnaturally.

Air. More air.

She needed more air.


She couldn't feel her legs.

Was that her calves now, burning?

A scream from her lungs.



Up ahead, distant voices.

Distant cheers.



Run, Lyn! Run!

Fire shot through every fibre in her body; pain, excruciating pain.

Where were her arms? Her legs? Was this her now, running?

Her eyes couldn't see.

Gasping for air, she couldn't see.

But her mind was clear.

Up ahead, distant faces.


Run, Lyn!

Up ahead, but right there.


Her feet pounded against the hard concrete. The sun burst down upon her, bathing her in sweat and utter agony. She couldn't feel anymore. Her right foot left the pavement, but her left foot leap forward to grab the ground in front.


Up ahead.

Only up ahead.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Have faith in your own happy ending.

I need to focus on my work damn it! D:<

In other words, I have to work harder.


Meanwhile, I will bathe for an hour (yes!!) and reflect deeply.

Jaguar Cheerleaders dinner soon!!!! *squeeeee!*

Friday, June 4, 2010

Run, until your fingers touch the sky.

Back from AB Camp.
Originally wanted to post about the experience. It was brilliant, amazing.

But I came home and I faced work.

I don't think I can do it, really. I can't find motivation. I want to give up.

Please let me give up.
Please stop me from giving up.
Please let me give up.
Please stop me from giving up.
Please let me give up.

I don't have the strength to continue. I don't want to find it. This isn't what my camp taught me.
But I'm tired.

Please stop me from giving up.

I need to sleep really badly now.

Sunday, May 30, 2010



Bloody hell, the things After School girls can do...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010


It's been better :D
I still miss the old times. I still miss how everything had been :D
But the new times, I'm going to try to craft it well, so that I can look back in future and say, "I miss those old times too" :)

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY HILMIE, btw :D :D
One of my closer friends in AJC! :)

So see, I will make it :)

Thank you Hwee Chek & Guo Sheng, you two have really made my time in AJC more precious :)

Tomorrow's GESS CARNIVAL!!!
Back to the small little school, with a strong dragon on the left and a sturdy ship on the right :D

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Thoughts.

Motivational stuff, whether really inspiring or not, really have a tendency to sound bittersweet and sad.

I woke up today, my goals in mind (see previous post), and I decided that I should try and be happy as I tried to get on top of my game again.

After all, we all thrive off happiness :]

Random things that make me happy...

(photos taken from my old phone. other things which make me happy include the awesome people i meet again during peer tutoring, my awesome 4H, music, doodling, sleeping... etc :D)