Friday, January 29, 2010

"once again, welcome to ajc, jc1s..."

Alliance: TERRA!

First day was a bit boring.
Admin stuff, what'd you expect? Hah.
Fell asleep during Principal's address. I think lecture theatres/auditoriums were purposely designed to make defenceless students fall asleep xD

Didn't do much with my OG that day. Went round with Jac (OG23) and Billy (same OG! PHEW.) Anderson is like... half old and half very hip O_o weird, but true!
Knew Huan Ran on that day. Thought his name was Hao Ran at first lol xD Cheerful person who makes irrelevant comments and is smiling like 24/7!! :D :D

Second day! Today! So much better!!

Andola/OG39 is awesome, period.

Though some people were kinda shy, I think we were all sensitive enough and hit off well enough for a bunch of new friends :D I KNOW ALL THE GIRLS NAMES NOW!!! (except one of them. damn.) Jessica is totally cute, Isabella is calm, Shermaine is fun, Shi Min is just high etc etc etc..
The boys, not so much. There's one called Hilmi! Again! Hahaha. He's super different from the Hilmi we know in GESS haha. More noisy that one xD And one called Yuri! I had the immediate instinct to call Harris HAHAH.

Wacko was a bit ... cause the hall was so noisy. But after a bit we did Trees and Squirrels or whatever the heck it is and... well the screaming got worse, but that's casue I joined in HAHAHA ♥

Mass dance to some indian/hawaiian tribal song LOL. We learnt it really fast!! It's kinda cute LOL. Then the VVV started! Something like, Very Vast Voyage or something to that extent. :D
OG39 rocked to the maxxx. We solved everything super quickly and we kinda totally worked like a team. If anyone was too slow or lost their way, someone else was sure to inform our SM and the whole OG immediately stops to wait. Kyyyya! OG39 you're so precious! HAHAHA ♥♥♥♥

Ah, if only all these people could be in my future class.

CCA Carnival!
I hate choosing. Decision making = life threatening. Student Council, have the most awesome time ever in JC but risk not performing as well in studies? Or Visual Arts, have fun with handicraft while still having lots of time to study? IDK. Submitted it alr anyw.

1st Student Council, 2nd Visual Arts, 3rd Interact Club.

HAHAHA. They are all in Clubs&Societies. Sorry Sports :| Have betrayed you this time :(

I can change my choices. Deadline is till Sunday. Sigh. Student Council = many benefits, except not really in studies. Visual Arts = I love art + I can study.
And don't say just pick the one I like more. Pros and cons confuse me easily; I don't know which I like more D: D: D: D: D:

Oh well. SC requires an us to fill and application form and go for an interview anyway. And oh yeah. I need my goddamn testimonial from GESS to apply for SC!!!! Rahhhh.

Oh. Subject combination.


The choice bewteen BCME or BCML was horrible. Ask Benjamin. I was going insane. (LITORECONSLITORECONSLITORECONSDAMNIT!!!!) As always, decision making = life threatening. It was a horrible ordeal. I think my life shortened by 10 years D:

Finally submitted it 7 mins before the applications closed.

FB-ing OG39 friends now. Can't find a lot of them.. GUYS, ADD ME OK!! :)

It is lovely. ♥

PS: FBT shorts for PE. Cept 'AJC' is stitched on the bottom right. Awesome :D

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