Friday, January 22, 2010

Unraveling the Macbook Pro 13"

So one day my uncle comes up to me and is all, “Hey you. Call me when you are around our neighbourhood, I have to pass something to you.”

And so today, I went over to my aunt’s house at Pasir Panjang (an hour’s ride, yet totally worth it xD) and there, she hands me the present I’ve (unknowingly) been lusting for.

Yes, you can knowingly lust for a present. It just means you want it, but you never knew that you wanted it until you got it. There, it’s that simple. But I digress.

Macbook Pro! 13” LCD backlight widescreen notebook. TYVM <3 <3 Complete with my name written on the box! In upside down nonetheless.    
One would never believe me capable of such artistic shots, but in moments like these… pwahahah.

Precision aluminium unibody enclosure ok!

And inside this wonderful, wonderful box is MY LOVE. Note the other Macbook Pro (sister’s) lying next to my awesome, shiny and pretty one. Also note sad forgotten desktop computer in the background. It is crying and I am no longer bothering xD xD xD xD

Hotel California~~~

They actually attached a huge black sponge to the box. Since it doesn’t really protect the laptop much (I’m serious) I’m pretty sure it’s to up the glam factor. (Well it worked.)

Close-up shot of the box’s contents. The little black tab is both ingenious and cute. Stylish + Useful.
WHICH, btw, is what everyone should strive to be :D

Oooh. Look at me, I’m lifting the tab!!! More secrets underneath it seems! :D

Peek peek peek ~

Power adaptor of course. And a little black box.

Laptop + Pretty box + Power Adaptor (and it’s cord) + Little Black Box.
Seems pretty magical, hehe. (A/N: Sorry, this is coming from a technologically-deprived girl after all)

Little black box underneath little black tab. Time to take it out! :D


..and flat.

It opens! :D :D *excited!*

HAHAHHA. Everything Mac vs. Everything Else. Calfornians are awesome. The wit made me grin back when I got my iPod nano (1st gen) too.

Run run !

Half a heart. I do love the Macbook so.

Thank you thank you. I knew that a long time ago, but, like I said. Unknowing lust! :D


Sea of sponge to protect the pretty keyboard.

Totally satisfied! :D :D

Humongous Trackpad I’ve been dreaming about.

Mine at last!!! *drool*

Snow Leopard, system I’m gonna be using on the Macbook.

Never been more excited to read a manual! xD HAHAH. Call me crazy, but I’m excited!!


Power adaptor! It looks like a cute square box, but..

..the hooks come out! Hahah. It’s for winding the wires around it so that it won’t get too messy. Pretty smart. Now they gotta work on the shape of the damn thing. It juts a mile out from the wall when I plug it in to a socket.

Wit! :D :D Apple is awesome (now if it weren’t so user-unfriendly) !

And that was what I did for today. Macbook Day! :D Hahahah. Thank you one and all. It makes me happy to see myself happy. Go get yourself a Macbook today!

PS: Will blog more often. Don’t really want to do it, but posting more often will push this post down and take away the ugliness it has inflicting upon my blog. Pictures are way too large. Oh well, HQ for you xD WILL BE BACK SOON :D

Chalet coming!!


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