Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ceteris Paribus

Went to GESS for peer tutoring. Met all my BFFs. I LOVE YOU GUYS! ♥ ♥
:D :D :D :D

Lunch at eighteen chefs; nostalgic as ever! I could still remember how to order there even though I hadn't eaten at eighteen for about 4 months alr. Southern part of Singapore rocks ttm, tyvmmm! :D

Supposed to study at bk with Chingching while waiting for Joony but ended up chatting haha! Joonguan was LATE LIKE ALWAYS, but we still didn't do work and kept talking and talking! Ms Pang told us before that Seconday School friends were the best friends we could ever find. I totally see that hehe :3

Moved from BK to Subway for dinner, Joonguan's extra talkative! Talked about respective schools, teased him about being too busy with studies and canoeing for anything else (HAHAH YEAH RIGHT JOONGUAN!!!) and had one of the most relaxed and happier times of 2010. I wish more of 4H was there, I really want to see you guys again :)

Joon Guan said that, "If I become rich in the future, I will donate money to GESS so that it can build a JC or Poly!" HAHA. I'M GOING TO HOLD YOU ON THAT!! Yup, sometimes we all just wish that we could stay with our friends forever.

I'm much better already. Thank you, my wonderful Gessians and my OG/PDG mates :D


Let's all go out sometime kayyyy! ♥


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