Friday, April 30, 2010

Brain Damage

Every time I check my mail, my PD tutor doesn't send mail.
Every time I don't check my mail, my PD tutor sends mail.

I feel cheated by life somehow.

Tommorow's 4H day! :D
I'm so glad. HAHA. I missed you 4H!
Time to push Lishanth into the pool and (try to) push Benjamin into the pool too!!!

Should I sleep over at Vanessa's?

Reminder, once again.

"You must learn to take the good with the bad, the happy with the sad, love what you’ve got and remember what you had. Learn to forgive, but never forget, learn from your mistakes but never regret. People change and things go wrong, but you just have to remember that life goes on."

Taken from poeticheartache.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I only just fell in love with this song he he he :B

Vanness looks SO MUCH like DBSK's Yunho, I swear. Both are hot and both dance like fire :D
♥ ♥ ♥

Okay. Time to stop digressing and actually start on homework! This week's been rough. All 3 of my H2 subjects had tests attached to them; napfa 5 stations (STANDING BROAD JUMP ARGH!) and 2.4km (8 seconds to the A grade i__i) were on tuesday and thursday; PI draft was due today (done! PHEW). So it's been a very taxing week, and I zoned out a lot during lectures :|

Everything's okay so far, and there's nothing spectacular on tomorrow.. no tests, no deadlines.. although I really must get started on GPP.. and revisions..


Monday, April 26, 2010

Happiness is...

There's materialistic happiness, and there's intangible happiness.

Though many will point to the former and jeer (stop it, you know being materialistic makes you happy) and the falsies who swear they donate half of their annual income to charity (liars!! it's all under your beds!) point at the latter and nod their heads in unified approval, I must declare that both make me a very, very happy girl :D

2010 April 24;
had lunch with my sister at Causeway Point. We argue the most when mom's not around, and we also put an effort be bond the most when mom's not around too (sisters are such strange creatures).

As a super early birthday present, she got me the most chio-est headphones a girl could EVAR ask for.

(Yes, that is a cut on my face D:)

WHEEEEEEEEEEEE. From Ear Pollution, TOXIX series! And only SGD28! So go get yours! Today!! Batteries not included.

Made me so happy can :D:D:D:D

Never again will I feel lonely when I walk to the MRT alone. 
This, people, is the TRUE power of material goods. 

Thank you Sis!!


That same day, while we went to the bus interchange to get a bus back home, we ran into this man. He was kinda small sized and he spoke REALLY softly. His size was so small, his dark, baggy clothing threatened to engulf his tiny frame. He stood, rather awkwardly and out-of-place, in front of the cheapo bag makeshift store at the interchange. Sis and I didn't notice him (dark clothing, what can I say?) but he made a gesture and said something REALLY softly. R E A L L Y softly.

Sis didn't want to bother. Probably just another one of those annoying salespeople who dressed casually to trick you. She walked off.

I didn't hear him initially (too engrossed with material good) but then I did notice his painfully awkward stance from the corner of my eye. Strangely enough, betraying all my Singaporean inconsiderate-ness and kiasu-ness (THE BUS MIGHT'VE COME AND GONE OH MY GODDDD), I stopped, tilted my head to one side and went, "Sorry? What did you say?"

Apparently, he was a sad foreigner who couldn't find where the stand for bus 962 was. 

To add on to this pitiful scene, he was standing right next to the signboard which pointed out which bus was at which terminal. 

D: D: D: D: D:

Sad for him to the maxxxx. I wonder how many people walked past him, brushing off his shy but uncomfortable presence, pretending his sad, lost man didn't exist?

I pointed to the left and accepted his thanks with a smile.


Sis was impressed, and she felt very guilty, she told me afterward.

I'm just really happy that man managed to get to wherever he was going after all :]

Sunday, April 25, 2010

And now, digital drawing.

I've been doodling random chibis/bobbleheads. I think they are darn cute.

My Macbook doesn't have photoshop (see woeful post below) and I am simply not capable of drawing with my fingers on the trackpad.


I want a graphic tablet so badly now D:

Of course, Wacom tablets are, presumably, 'the best', but Wacom are also 'the best' with price tags and pushing my dream even further away T____T

^ The Pogo Sketch is also an option.

Basically it is kinda like a tablet-pen designed to turn this sad Macbook's large trackpad into a mini tablet-surface so that I can draw on it.. Quite a smart invention I must say. It's waaaaaay cheaper too. But I don't think my mom'd want to buy it for me anytime soon T_____T

Materialism, materialsm... sigh. You satisfy me so.


This is such a woeful post.

Back to mugging for Chem test tmr T____T

Friday, April 23, 2010


As in, my biological mom.
She went back to Taiwan!! D: D: D:
Poor me, all alone. I don't like it when she goes back (selfish reason) cause it means I have to grow up and look after myself and the house.



:[ :[



Okay, time to cook dinner for myself before I starve.

I solemnly swear to keep the house neat and clean, and remember to wash the laundry on  time (cause if I don't I have no uniform to wear to school), and do my homework without much supervision, and sleep before midnight (hah).

Go daughter of Cheryl's mother!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lunch date with The Good Old Times :)

It's always great meeting my Gessian friends again!

Have I said that before?

Well I'll say it again :D

It's a lot of laughter, a lot of sharing, a lot of unglams, a lot of memories and a lot of good times..

Waiting for Devy to upload hers! 'Johnny' takes the most HQ pictures!! HAHAHAH :D



Love Dev :D

Let's all go overseas together!! <3333

My momma! I like the effect :D


Birthday Boy!

Speaks for itself xD

Buncha hyper people :]



So I was surfing the net randomly and I stumbled upon Digital Scrapbooking.
It is EVERYTHING I've ever wanted out of scrapbooking, minus the expensive costs and unavoidable cut-and-paste-oops errors!! I feel so excited right now. If ONLY I could install Photoshop into my macbook! Then life would be PERFECT.

1) How to I install Photoshop into my macbook?

The Photoshop 7 on my desktop computer is a pirated version, sadly. But it works damn well. Unfortunately I can't find the (pirated) installation disc anymore D: And I don't think it'll work on a Mac anyway :|


Digital scrapbooking huh. The future is x1000 times more worth looking forward to now :}



Thursday, April 15, 2010


Square One

I didn't like graduation from GESS, because it was just a horribly sick ordeal which made everyone sad.
I didn't like choosing which JC to go to - it just confirmed the fact that the present then was going to become the past, and the future was going to begin.
I didn't like stepping foot into college, because I had to start all over again.

I met new people, met old people, met all sorts of people.
I grew to like where I was, and looked forward to going to school.

Then we all got re-sorted, and everything was new once again. New class, new CCA, new lecture theaters, newer people. I think I got pretty tired after a while, but hey, what could I do?

Smile, get over it, move on.

It still didn't seem quite right. It was good sometimes, but it was just horribly lonely other times. I couldn't relate to anyone, no one could emphatize and what for, anyway? We all had our own problems to handle.

But now, now as I type, I just want to fall asleep and never, ever wake up.
I don't want anything anymore. I don't know what I want anymore.

Move on, because everyone else already has. Everyone else has gone.

Someone tell me what to do, please.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Sister saved my BUTT for PI Draft 1.
Thank you my sister.
I will be less of a snobby little sister to you (and no, that's really not cause you helped with my PI. I'm trying hard here!)

School's starting again.

Time to mug.

I love the feeling of being accomplished :D
Gotta work for it now.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I get jealous easily.

I don't think it's supposed to be like this, because I don't think we're close enough.
I think.

Or maybe the math is getting into my head and I'm just paranoid :|


Friday, April 9, 2010

I say, no regrets.

No use dwelling on what might have been.
Think of all the fun you could be having.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sorry I cannot hear you I'm kinda busy.



18 News:
I was not cynical today.
Well, I was. Almost :D
But I didn't lapse!
I like the air-con.
I like being myself again, screaming, laughing and talking non-stop; all at once! :)

Was awesome seeing the cheerleaders today, near the AJ Idol Lunchtime Concert venue. We were screaming and sashay-ing and singing HEHE.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The List

I will be making a list.

This list will show what I want to do after I have been diligent and a hard-working, studious girl, like what good girls are meant to be.
It will serve as a reminder for me to work hard,
so that I can have fun after promos.

"Keep your goals in sight so that you won't lose your way :D"

  1. Design Aunt Angie and Uncle Zen's wedding invitation magazine-cum-card
  2. Watch "Hello! My Lady" on MySoju!
  3. Write, because I miss writing.
  5. Catch up on Bleach episodes!
  7. Watch Bring It On, and finish all the disks :D
  8. Dance Ah! by AFTER SCHOOL ♥
  9. Complete BRILLIANT LEGACY! Lee Seung Gi! OMG!! *fangirls*
  10. Dance randomly! :D
  12. Dance AMOLED by Son Dambi & After School

To be conitnued.

Watch this space.

Some advice over here:

So keep moving onward :)

School was good :D
I'm progressing now, aren't I? Hehe.
 Less crazy than usual, but still enjoyable. I miss 4H though. I look at my surroundings in school and wonder, where are they now? Are they happy? Are they missing me as much as I miss them? Can they feel me thinking about them? What if they were with me now, would we be laughing and running around like monkeys or doing Mr Lim Bun's math? Would the Princess Gang be screaming randomly (LOL); would the Nerd Gang be happy, loud and high; would the Cabronz be huddled in one corner, torturing Lishanth while yelling at each other about soccer; would my Swift Swallows be seated with me, laughing at the most insignificant of matters..?

But I won't dwell.

Those are happy thoughts now.
When I miss 4H, I feel happy. I'm happy because I haven't forgotten them; I never will, and it's probably the same for them. I miss 4H, and I love 4H. Most importantly, I cannot be stuck there. Because I miss 4H so much, I'm not going to let those emotions go to waste.

So smile, smile, smile! :D

I'm going to find everything again, and get back up!!
No more moping, no more being critical and cynical. I'll find that happiness again. I'll stop the pessimism. I'll be that small, short and spastic girl from GESS 4H'09 again, because I miss that girl :)

I am going to study.
Bye bye internet 24/7.
I will be that girl from 4H; everyone calls her Cheryl, but the teachers can never get her surname right.



Monday, April 5, 2010

You go onwards so that you won't be dragged down.

I still like cheerleading a lot :D

Today was a fun day. Syuhadah was being crazy as usual, and we came up with a new nickname for GST (Naked Mole Rat). Shaun came to tease him about being naked (childish), but because we call him 'Shaun Prawn', GST quickly retaliated, yelling, "AT LEAST I DON'T HAVE SHIT IN MY HEAD!!" Hwee Chek's smiling a lot more, and almost every lesson has at least two sudden outbursts of laughter.

18ten gets crazier and crazier :)

I hope it will continue like this.

Meanwhile, I have to go figure out if I had been making the right choices.
It's still not too late, right?

I will fight for what I believe in, and what I like.

Go Cheryl! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Be prepared to meet me again.

I will be a good girl, take my vitamins like I should and finish tutorials on time.
I will not go on facebook all the time, be picky about which newspaper articles to read and sleep during lectures (or tutorials for that matter).
I will love my family, my mom, my dad and my sister, and treasure my friends.
I love you guys, and I love myself, so I will work hard

Saturday, April 3, 2010

In 1885...

Going back to GESS is always fun :D

I decided to be less of a slacking tutor than I was usually and drilled Jon Hon on Reading Aloud and Picture DIscussion. HOW CAN ANYONE NOT SCORE? English Paper 3 = BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!!

MET SHIJIE! He's back in Singapore! But he has no British accent, cause he says "It's all Chinese people over in London. Everywhere you go, you speak Chinese."


NOOOO. Stop globalization! I'm better at English, stop putting me in a disadvantage, world!!!


LUNCH AT TIONG BK! Tendergrill. Yum yum. I got a new pencil case also! I wanted red, to match my bag and my house (JAGUAR!) but there was no red. *insert sadness*

Decided to go for green, cause red + green = GESS :D :D :D

I'm such a Gessian freak, I know xD *is proud*

My laptop battery is running low D: 6 o'clock, please roll around soon so that I can go have dinner and be less alone (yes I'm alone at BK now haha! Blogging, no less :D)

Inequalities, I will complete you.

Tata all :D