Monday, April 26, 2010

Happiness is...

There's materialistic happiness, and there's intangible happiness.

Though many will point to the former and jeer (stop it, you know being materialistic makes you happy) and the falsies who swear they donate half of their annual income to charity (liars!! it's all under your beds!) point at the latter and nod their heads in unified approval, I must declare that both make me a very, very happy girl :D

2010 April 24;
had lunch with my sister at Causeway Point. We argue the most when mom's not around, and we also put an effort be bond the most when mom's not around too (sisters are such strange creatures).

As a super early birthday present, she got me the most chio-est headphones a girl could EVAR ask for.

(Yes, that is a cut on my face D:)

WHEEEEEEEEEEEE. From Ear Pollution, TOXIX series! And only SGD28! So go get yours! Today!! Batteries not included.

Made me so happy can :D:D:D:D

Never again will I feel lonely when I walk to the MRT alone. 
This, people, is the TRUE power of material goods. 

Thank you Sis!!


That same day, while we went to the bus interchange to get a bus back home, we ran into this man. He was kinda small sized and he spoke REALLY softly. His size was so small, his dark, baggy clothing threatened to engulf his tiny frame. He stood, rather awkwardly and out-of-place, in front of the cheapo bag makeshift store at the interchange. Sis and I didn't notice him (dark clothing, what can I say?) but he made a gesture and said something REALLY softly. R E A L L Y softly.

Sis didn't want to bother. Probably just another one of those annoying salespeople who dressed casually to trick you. She walked off.

I didn't hear him initially (too engrossed with material good) but then I did notice his painfully awkward stance from the corner of my eye. Strangely enough, betraying all my Singaporean inconsiderate-ness and kiasu-ness (THE BUS MIGHT'VE COME AND GONE OH MY GODDDD), I stopped, tilted my head to one side and went, "Sorry? What did you say?"

Apparently, he was a sad foreigner who couldn't find where the stand for bus 962 was. 

To add on to this pitiful scene, he was standing right next to the signboard which pointed out which bus was at which terminal. 

D: D: D: D: D:

Sad for him to the maxxxx. I wonder how many people walked past him, brushing off his shy but uncomfortable presence, pretending his sad, lost man didn't exist?

I pointed to the left and accepted his thanks with a smile.


Sis was impressed, and she felt very guilty, she told me afterward.

I'm just really happy that man managed to get to wherever he was going after all :]

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