Saturday, April 3, 2010

In 1885...

Going back to GESS is always fun :D

I decided to be less of a slacking tutor than I was usually and drilled Jon Hon on Reading Aloud and Picture DIscussion. HOW CAN ANYONE NOT SCORE? English Paper 3 = BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!!

MET SHIJIE! He's back in Singapore! But he has no British accent, cause he says "It's all Chinese people over in London. Everywhere you go, you speak Chinese."


NOOOO. Stop globalization! I'm better at English, stop putting me in a disadvantage, world!!!


LUNCH AT TIONG BK! Tendergrill. Yum yum. I got a new pencil case also! I wanted red, to match my bag and my house (JAGUAR!) but there was no red. *insert sadness*

Decided to go for green, cause red + green = GESS :D :D :D

I'm such a Gessian freak, I know xD *is proud*

My laptop battery is running low D: 6 o'clock, please roll around soon so that I can go have dinner and be less alone (yes I'm alone at BK now haha! Blogging, no less :D)

Inequalities, I will complete you.

Tata all :D

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