Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some advice over here:

So keep moving onward :)

School was good :D
I'm progressing now, aren't I? Hehe.
 Less crazy than usual, but still enjoyable. I miss 4H though. I look at my surroundings in school and wonder, where are they now? Are they happy? Are they missing me as much as I miss them? Can they feel me thinking about them? What if they were with me now, would we be laughing and running around like monkeys or doing Mr Lim Bun's math? Would the Princess Gang be screaming randomly (LOL); would the Nerd Gang be happy, loud and high; would the Cabronz be huddled in one corner, torturing Lishanth while yelling at each other about soccer; would my Swift Swallows be seated with me, laughing at the most insignificant of matters..?

But I won't dwell.

Those are happy thoughts now.
When I miss 4H, I feel happy. I'm happy because I haven't forgotten them; I never will, and it's probably the same for them. I miss 4H, and I love 4H. Most importantly, I cannot be stuck there. Because I miss 4H so much, I'm not going to let those emotions go to waste.

So smile, smile, smile! :D

I'm going to find everything again, and get back up!!
No more moping, no more being critical and cynical. I'll find that happiness again. I'll stop the pessimism. I'll be that small, short and spastic girl from GESS 4H'09 again, because I miss that girl :)

I am going to study.
Bye bye internet 24/7.
I will be that girl from 4H; everyone calls her Cheryl, but the teachers can never get her surname right.



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