Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy as a Bumblebee.

Part 1: General speech (3 mins per candidate)

You will have to prepare a speech for the CCA which should include:

a. Brief introduction about yourself (previous CCA and position held, your interests etc)

b. The position (s) you are running for in this election

c. What your beliefs and values are as a leader

d. What you would like to achieve for Visual Arts should you get that position eventually

Nuuugh. Looking at this kinda makes my brain fried. Kinda.
I'm okay with speaking up and all, but if I planned a speech, I'm afraid I'd end up not sounding like myself, but like someone who was running for VA Exco. Which I am. But I don't want to be passed of like that. If you know what I mean.

OKAY. I am finally done with touching-up for my GPP. Yay much!!
And by the way, while I think PW is rather painful, I do not agree that it is a terrible process, or anything along those lines. But that's another story for another day :]

I forgot to to Chem Practical Planning. *headdesk*

I need to do my Biology revision before I rot.

AND OMG LA. I didn't do the Atomic Structure tutorial, but for THIS TUTORIAL OF ALL TUTORIALS, my Chem Tutor finished it within the week. WTF MUCH. Time for some solo Atomic Structure training T_____T

And I MUST REMEMBER to think about my speech (NO CORNY LINES WHICH ALL SPEAKERS ARE PRONE TO, GIRL!) during my breaks tomorrow.

AND SPEAKING OF BREAKS, my timetable is UGLAY. Tyvm.


And this, people, is why I am ready to grow a couple of antennas and buzz like a yellow-and-black freak which I am sure I am morphing into soon.

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-kaii said...

hahahahah lucks for ur speech(: I have a lot of speeches too!!D: