Friday, June 11, 2010

This is for Lyn.


She panted, muscles screaming, chest ripping apart.


Water streaked down in rivers; down her temples, down her back. Down her shins, soaking her socks. The heat, it didn't want to stop. It enveloped her, engulfed her, suffocated her. It clung stubbornly to her body, like a parasite; sucking her bone-dry.

The heat drove right through her skull, her body. Her shoulders ached, her arms ached, her legs ached. She was burning, but the water wasn't putting it out. The water got into her eyes. Fire seared them instantly, blinding her. Tears came, flooding out of her lids. They mixed with the sweat, and together in a uniform of salt and pain, they streaked down her face. Her hand lifted on its own, and in a brief swipe, her sweat and tears were flicked to the ground. Her feet pounded past.


She couldn't think.

Her vision was blurred. Where was she now?

Her lungs tightened in her chest. Gasps fell from her lips, unevenly, unnaturally.

Air. More air.

She needed more air.


She couldn't feel her legs.

Was that her calves now, burning?

A scream from her lungs.



Up ahead, distant voices.

Distant cheers.



Run, Lyn! Run!

Fire shot through every fibre in her body; pain, excruciating pain.

Where were her arms? Her legs? Was this her now, running?

Her eyes couldn't see.

Gasping for air, she couldn't see.

But her mind was clear.

Up ahead, distant faces.


Run, Lyn!

Up ahead, but right there.


Her feet pounded against the hard concrete. The sun burst down upon her, bathing her in sweat and utter agony. She couldn't feel anymore. Her right foot left the pavement, but her left foot leap forward to grab the ground in front.


Up ahead.

Only up ahead.

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Rin said...

Awwww I am about to cry...

Thanks Cher, for everything. I still have my 16th birthday present from you and I treasure it a lot. I read it when I feel like I'm gonna die and here's another one to motivate me to keep on going. I'd love to write you one too but ah my writing isn't as beautiful as yours :-( k so anyway just 3 words for you - dont give up! Jiayou! Thanks for this post I love you so much. If you ever feel like giving up, remember you're not alone in this fight! I am here to support you! :D

I still feel like crying though. Thanks dear :')