Monday, July 5, 2010

Right before school reopens for Term 3

Please bring the following for tutorials this week:

1) Environment DRP
2) MYCT GP Paper 1 Question Paper
3) Holiday homework for Paper 1 revision:

Please do the following as revision for MYCT GP Paper 1.

1. Do TICKS analysis / Use the U, S, T steps to analyse the question
2. Write an essay outline for both questions
3. Attach at least 2 relevant news articles for each outline.
1) To what extent are society’s values shaped by the mass media today?
2) Is environmental conservation overrated?

 I will be going through MYCT questions for Paper 1. Please come prepared with your essay question analysis done for all 6 questions (TICKS or Understand, Snap, Test).

Being the disobedient student that I sometimes am, this email alone was enough to kill me.

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