Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pleading with yourself is never a good sign.

So I keep thinking about how lucky/unlucky I was for Mid-Years.

Yes, I was one of the top scorers for Biology.
But to what extent? It was a B, it was, quite frankly, a very lucky shot. Individually speaking, my script was honestly not very good; there were way too many flaws. My teacher even picked them out.

Yes, I did well for General Paper.
And yes, I will continue working hard for it. I really like my (new) GP teacher. Despite describing herself as sarcastic and cynical, I (and much of the class) cannot help but think that she is simply godsend :) I will do well for GP, I will understand what AQ wants us to do!!!!

So. Leaving the more neutral ones aside.
Hello Chemistry.
Hello Mathematics.

I will improve you two.
Please, help me.

Dear Self,


Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have this friend. I only recently found out about her; her background, her home, her life.

And suddenly I feel like I've been the worst friend ever.

I tried to help today, really did. But I guess I was rendering the wrong kind of help, and I think I'm only going to add on to her misery. Sigh.

You're pathetic, Cheryl.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To all of us out there,

You can do it, you know you can.

On Maths and Motivation

So I tried doing Integration today.

It was a very bad experience. It was horrifying. I couldn't integrate, I didn't know where to put the coefficient of x, I got messed up with simple fractions and I had to ask very retarded, WORRISOME questions.

What happened to my Mathematics?

So I wasn't the brightest in Maths - have never been. I used to fail maths in Primary School, and fail without feeling pain because I was just THAT bad at Mathematics. Secondary School changed things. Secondary School was SUPPOSED to change things.

I met Mr Lim Bun, I met Lisin and Lyn, both whom spurred me to do better for Mathematics, I had 15 - 20 Amaths questions to complete in an hour and another 15 Emaths questions to finish in under an hour, I completed them, I was motivated, I could score 90% in Amaths tests, I could help teach other people Maths, I made Mr Lim proud, I made my mom proud.

It wasn't just about the content of Amaths and Emaths; it isn't just about the difficulty of H2 Maths. It was about being motivated enough to be good in my mathematics.

What happened to all that?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh, 넌 나의 Lollipop

날 느낀 순간 넌 빠져버린걸 알아 ~~~!!
And yes, this isn't about the newest Lollipop 2, because it isn't out in Singapore yet. But I do honestly feel that Lollipop part 1 has a nicer physical design than Lollipop 2 :B

The only thought that rings in my head: 내사랑 Bling Bling like L.E.D.!

My aunt called me suddenly just now, and she said she bought the LG Lollipop (RED) for me, because I said I like the LG Lollipop yesterday.


Note also, that that my aunt is someone who dislikes electronics which have a reputation for spoiling easily. AKA, she doesn't like the brand LG, regardless of how cute (!) it's products are.

I have so many kind people in my life ;________;

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Draw With Me

This has got to be the sweetest, most touching story ever.