Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh, 넌 나의 Lollipop

날 느낀 순간 넌 빠져버린걸 알아 ~~~!!
And yes, this isn't about the newest Lollipop 2, because it isn't out in Singapore yet. But I do honestly feel that Lollipop part 1 has a nicer physical design than Lollipop 2 :B

The only thought that rings in my head: 내사랑 Bling Bling like L.E.D.!

My aunt called me suddenly just now, and she said she bought the LG Lollipop (RED) for me, because I said I like the LG Lollipop yesterday.


Note also, that that my aunt is someone who dislikes electronics which have a reputation for spoiling easily. AKA, she doesn't like the brand LG, regardless of how cute (!) it's products are.

I have so many kind people in my life ;________;

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