Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Maths and Motivation

So I tried doing Integration today.

It was a very bad experience. It was horrifying. I couldn't integrate, I didn't know where to put the coefficient of x, I got messed up with simple fractions and I had to ask very retarded, WORRISOME questions.

What happened to my Mathematics?

So I wasn't the brightest in Maths - have never been. I used to fail maths in Primary School, and fail without feeling pain because I was just THAT bad at Mathematics. Secondary School changed things. Secondary School was SUPPOSED to change things.

I met Mr Lim Bun, I met Lisin and Lyn, both whom spurred me to do better for Mathematics, I had 15 - 20 Amaths questions to complete in an hour and another 15 Emaths questions to finish in under an hour, I completed them, I was motivated, I could score 90% in Amaths tests, I could help teach other people Maths, I made Mr Lim proud, I made my mom proud.

It wasn't just about the content of Amaths and Emaths; it isn't just about the difficulty of H2 Maths. It was about being motivated enough to be good in my mathematics.

What happened to all that?


kaichingu~ said...

I know right:/ i m super shitty at math too. I keep thinking "limbun is gnna be so mad at me!"

kaichingu~ said...
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LiSin said...

Jiayou Jiayou! Integration ain't too scary after much practice! :D