Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pleading with yourself is never a good sign.

So I keep thinking about how lucky/unlucky I was for Mid-Years.

Yes, I was one of the top scorers for Biology.
But to what extent? It was a B, it was, quite frankly, a very lucky shot. Individually speaking, my script was honestly not very good; there were way too many flaws. My teacher even picked them out.

Yes, I did well for General Paper.
And yes, I will continue working hard for it. I really like my (new) GP teacher. Despite describing herself as sarcastic and cynical, I (and much of the class) cannot help but think that she is simply godsend :) I will do well for GP, I will understand what AQ wants us to do!!!!

So. Leaving the more neutral ones aside.
Hello Chemistry.
Hello Mathematics.

I will improve you two.
Please, help me.


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