Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The (Random) Minichip and Minidale Introduction

This is Minichip! :D

I don't really know when his birthday is (when he was made) but I'm going to set his birthday on the 13th of July (guess who's birthday!). He's actually a hand puppet, and he used to be a lot whiter at his  face and tummy areas.. but white stuff always turn gray when you hug it too much :O
Anyway, Minichip sleeps all the time. Like when I get ready for school, he sleeps. When I'm having breakfast, he sleeps. When I leave the house, he sleeps. When I'm at school, he's probably sleeping too. Reached home, still sleeping.

But when I feel really alone, or really sad, Minichip's always around :D
He doesn't say much to me (surprise surprise), but I guess he always listens. He doesn't judge me you know!! :O Hehe.
I think Minichip knows me the best (sorry twin :B) and knows all my little secrets... But don't kidnap him for the secrets ah :O

Minichip was given to me by someone really really important to me, and maybe that's why I'm so biased and Minichip became like my favourite little comfort friend at home and knows everything about Cheryl :) Awesome or what!! :D :D

Favourite little comfort friend! Minichip likes to say hi randomly to everyone! :D

Anyway, I think that someone really really important to me needs a friend like Minichip! :)

So, I shall also introduce to you:

This is Minidale! :D

Minidale was super hard to find. I think he was made to be really hard to find. You know, all that rare jewel kind of things? :]

Anyway when I first saw Minidale at Tiong Plaza (SO HARD TO LOCATE), I didn't like how he looked at all! :O Cause I was so used to how Minichip looked like, so Minidale's appearance was like..
I imagined an equally brown chipmunk, with two cute vampire teeth and a red nose (that was supposedly smaller), NO LIDDED EYES, and no hair! (Just like Minichip.)

But after awhile, he suddenly looks too cute to be true.


Stare at the photo of a happy Minidale waving at you, and tell me you don't think he's cute without lying.


HAHA. So yes. I don't know much about Minidale, but apparently, he has a very cool personality, and likes to dao people.

But I don't think so!
I think he likes to sleep just as much as Minichip, and he's very caring even though he looks very sleepy. He likes to eat a lot, but sometimes he's too lazy to move. While Minichip is good at listening, (and so is Minidale),  Minidale likes to give random advice that doesn't make sense. Maybe he learnt the "Google-For-Solutions-To-Any-Problem" habit from me :O

Yes, I think that must be Minidale.
He isn't anything like Dale, but he is definitely Minidale.



They're best friends! :D

They're inseparable.

Even though I don't see Minidale a lot, they both make me happy :D

Cause they mean a lot.
They symbolize a lot, to me :3


YAY! This was a random post. In the middle of preparing for Promos. 
Just thought we should think about happier things when we're struggling.

Makes life more colourful, correct? :D

Must be more and more positive as our exams come!!
We can do it!

Talk to a Minichip or a Minidale when you are sad ok?
They'll listen to you!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rather routine, but we'll just have to colour the page ourselves now, no?

Even though the trial Angel and Mortal game we're playing in class was supposed to be top secret, I'm guessing half the class already knows each other's angels/mortals ._.
Hmph. Kill my efforts to keep it a surprise for the respective mortals (zzzz).

Although, while gossiping about the who's who, I was really very heartened when I saw what some of them have done/are planning to do for their mortals, or even the amount of worry they hold because they don't know what to give/write/do to their mortals. It makes me feel :D :D :D because it means we're trying to look after someone else in class now; even though initially a lot of them were praying that they wouldn't get a mortal they hardly spoke to (a lot of them got a mortal they hardly spoke to), in the end, I still saw them thinking about how best to make their mortal's day.


Made me very happy. So even though this trial run hasn't ended (heck, it hasn't even started), I daresay it is a success :D

I hope 18/10 will be this cute forever :)


Anyway, of course not everything will be so fine and dandy. Promos in 29 days time, and it's scaring the shit out of everyone. After the midyear shock, where almost 70% failed chem and 50% failed maths, everyone is so stressed and worked up about promos and the unforeseeable future.

Damn disgusting ahhhhh, why can't we like, return to primitive times to hunt tigers for breakfast, cook bamboo for dinner, grunt and pick our noses in public? 

So I just hope everyone holds their pens tighter and be resilient. Times are hard now, and they will be more taxing in the future no doubt, but for now, right now we just really have to past this obstacle.



And to Hilmie my very sweet brother (though I don't think you'll read this, but heckkkk), DON'T BE SO STRESSED even though everything in your life is making you stressed, but you can do it! Take some time off for yourself! :D That's more important than all those deadlines. Makes you more efficient :P Smile at silly things more, and sleep earlier :O



The 'O' level stress only seems less intense because we've gotten over it.

Imagine what we'll say when we've gotten past this :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You Can Do It!!!!!

YES WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Mathematics,

I will love you and think about you and diligently practice you from today on, please be nice to me. I will improve!