Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Might pass my Biology with a low, barely-there E grade after moderation.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the master scoresheet tomorrow...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Just for the record,

General Paper: B
Chinese: C
Economics: -
Mathematics: E
Chemistry: S
Biology: S

I failed my promotion criteria.
4 H1 passes, 1 H2 pass. Probably going to fail Economics.
I needed at least 2 H1 passes (met) and 2 H2 passes (woe).

Don't know what's going to happen now exactly.

I feel so depressed.

I want to cry  die  drop out of school  stop being happy forever.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Status: Promote/Retain ?

In approximately 12 hours...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Post Promo, Pre PW/Chinese


Monday, October 11, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

POST PROMO DAY 2: Very very very bored :O

Picture from long ago. Green Tea Cream = ♥


As I stare at the promo timetable, I cannot actually believe that it's over. 
Like, 3 weeks ago, I was staring at that long table full of times and dates blutacked on my wall, both wishing that it would come and end sooner, and hoping that it would never come. And now, I'm taking it off the wall. Strange feeling. Promos mark the end of JC1 (sorta) and I cannot believe that I:

1) am over JC1.
Omg what happened to 2010?? Weren't we just feeling foreign a while ago with the fact that when we write our dates, the year part no longer starts with the number zero?

2) am over promotional examinations.
Because wtf, when I did so badly for midyears I was scared batty and nowwww.. now I have no more super hard mathematics/chemistry papers to worry about (just for now).

3) can eat, sleep, bathe and slack properly.
Yah, I'm going to take bubble baths from now on. Seriously, this whole year was hectic.
(Again, this is a 'just for now'. You know why? Read number 4)

4) have to worry about PW and A level Chinese now.
Oh please, please please may this journey be as painless as it can possibly be.

5) have to worry about PW and A level Chinese ONLY.
2 subjects!!?!?!?!

and finally,
6) will have to face my promoted/retained status on 25th October.
It's too soon... ):


So yesterday I did a lot of slacking.. finally watched Bring It On: Fight To The Finish and Hellcats, and I am a very very happy girl :D Cheerleading is aweeeesome. Today I watched Good Luck Charlie, and I am ABSOLUTELY in love with Mia Talerico, the namesake of the show. She's frigging adorable :O

And speaking of cute... you know what else is cute? :D




Minichip sleeping! :D
Yes I am very stressed during promos, how did you know? :O

Yay, more lighting :) 
Is my hand puppet not the cutest hand puppet ever? :D :D


Deshawn was hospitalized and had to go under the knife again ):
18/10 (plus some of 18's moms) folded a thousand cranes for Deshawn to get well soon! :D
Plus a 'phoenix' courtesy of Mr Ho ._.
He folded a piece of paper diagonally in three and called it a phoenix. And whatever mental image you have in your head is probably correct; yes, it IS that bad :O

 Dark pink cranes!

Sunny-Orange cranes having a meeting :O

 Army of Orange cranes. It was hard getting all of them to stand

 Pretty Sunny-Orange crane :3

 I don't know what this is.. Another breed of crane?
We suspect Keith folded it.

 In pink! :D :D

Sandra, mastermind of 1000-crane project :)


So these cranes were safely delivered to Deshawn on the Friday before promo week. It was quite scary that we devoted so much time to folding cranes RIGHT BEFORE promos, but everyone helped out, and they helped out A LOT so... it's a good thing. :) 

Oh yes. Before I go;