Monday, December 20, 2010

Hakodate, Toya, Rusutsu....

The weather here is intense. How do those Japanese girls still wear contacts out, the air so dry wtf!!

Anyway, at Rusutsu now! Going skiing soon whee!! I built 2 snowmen yesterday, they are CUTE!!
Wish me luck for the skiing part, hope I wont suck :/

The Japanese boys here are not very nice to look at btw, their teeth like a bit pointy one eh. And their hair all the same.. a bit beng HAHA. The girls on the other hand :O

Going to Sapporo (for shopping!!!!!!) the day after tomorrow!! Then Tokyo for three days and Ill be back in sunny Singapore!! Cant wait actually.

Im kinda glad Singapore doesnt have winter :/

PS: Rusutsu rocks cause there is internet xD

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