Tuesday, March 29, 2011

General Musings (ON SCHOOL LIFE AGAIN. BAH!)

E-learning was pretty good actually. I felt like I actually managed to absorb a great quantity of maths over a single lesson. This I haven't been able to do since graduating from Secondary School.. hence my thrill with today's (or yesterday's) E-learning :)

I still haven't managed to finish ALL the homework I wanted to though :\
What is with homework lists and ensuring that you'll never finish them within your own stipulated deadline? Want to get ahead also cannot!! #dontactlikeyounever !!11!!1

Other than that frustrating fact which has been bugging me since forever, I think everything else is... okay. Been falling asleep less in lectures and tutorials, and actually having enough tutorial material to last the day...

Although those are the basic expectations of a JC1......


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