Saturday, May 7, 2011

Logic Fail

I remember I once went, "Goh Chok Tong is good, but Tin Pei Ling is horrible!! If I were in Marine Parade, I'll totally vote for Nicole Seah!"

And a lot of other people felt that way too.

But Xiaxue raised a point, about Nicole being the strongest candidate while TPL was the weakest.
In fact, Nicole has this guy called Abdul Salim on her team, and after reading his blog posts and Facebook wall, I think he is EXCEPTIONALLY INCAPABLE.

Not only is his grammar in tatters (which is nothing big), his sarcasm is so thinly-veiled and so disgusting, I feel like I'm reading a snotty-nosed kid whine about how his bar of chocolate is too frigging small. IT INFURIATES ME TO NO END!!!!!!!!!!!!

An extract from his shudder-inducing blog:

PM Lee makes Singapore and Singaporeans proud! He gets to earn such big money while there is still the homeless, the beggars and the needys out there on the streets of Singapore. He gets to earn such big money when our poor is only receiving about $370 per month from the governtment. He gets to earn such big money when people are being retrenched, facing financial difficulties and having their pay cut! 

Here here! He gets to earn such big money as he brings Singapore's GDP to an all time high! He gets to earn such big money as he gets investors from all over the world flocking to the smallest nation in Southeast Asia!!!

Pfft. Please. Saying our PM gets to earn big money while the poor are still helplessly wallowing in poverty is illogical, irrational, and insulting to both PM Lee and the low-income Singaporeans. Trying to be inspirational and ride on the people's anger right? As usual, as usual. *shakes head.

Looks like he is insinuating that our PM should give his income to the poor. Correct right? Since he so brilliantly linked our PM's income and the poor's earnings so easily. Eh, people got the back-breaking task of ensuring a tiny country prospers ok. Our PM earning a lot of money (and I agree, it is a lot) has absolutely NOTHING to do with the poor being poor, nor of them receiving too little help. You want the PM to donate? Easy for you to ask others to donate, have you been donating recently?

Nicole spoke of how PAP's candidates "cannot even see the root of the problem". I'd like to borrow her words a little and wonder why this candidate, this Abdul Salim, who is running to GOVERN THE COUNTRY for the next five years, is not even bothering to look for the root for the problem!

I think it is a pity that PAP put Tin Pei Ling in Goh Chok Tong's GRC team when she apparently isn't ready.
I think it is a pity that NSP put Abdul Salim in Nicole Seah's GRC team when he seems so immature and is lacking in everything from credentials to experience to good ideas.

I know the poor should receive more aid from the government. And of course I hope it happens!! I also don't know who and what Abdul Salim is like. Apparently he is a friendly guy, which is definitely good. But by being so painfully horrible at sarcasm and yet still using it excessively, and by showing us that he has no unique and good solutions to offer, he just doesn't give strike me as one who is able to lead well.

Here is one who could do with taking a leaf out of Nicole's book.


Okay I feel better now.

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