Sunday, July 24, 2011


Celebrated my & Tsun hao's belated birthdays yesterday at Vii's house!

They planned a BBQ but because my voice was so screwed I had very little BBQed food and settled for noodles *good girl*

Unfortunately I talked so much my throat began to hurt anyway xD

But it was fun! I really enjoyed their company. Miss my GESS friends, and the carefree, happy and *slightly* easier times during secondary school.. :) glad I got to spend my sec sch life with these lot of friends I have. Can't imagine life otherwise!! Haha!

Vii got me a cute Starbucks thermoplastic customizable tumbler!!! She filled it with lots of b&w photo printouts (ah~ memories..) and a coloured Polaroid of her and I at her 16th birthday party!!! Love it max! I added stickers xD
Val got a cute Dale cushion and a Chip and Dale kiddy water bottle! HAHAHAHA! Got to hand it to her!!! Dale cushion is mega adorable, it's got a fat head and a small body HEHE (ref to picture above :B)

18th birthday's just passed and gone though.. At 8, I couldn't read the clock and cried because my teacher scolded me for erasing the board (i'm still sore about it).

Wonder what life will be like when I'm 28... 38... 48....



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