Friday, October 28, 2011

It is hard to reflect.

Sometimes it does puzzle me why we 'graduate' before we take our exams :/ that's what happened for O Levels too, right?

Graduation day was last Friday, 14th of October 2011. Means that technically, I'm no longer a 'proper' AJCian, for lack of better description.

Can you believe it?

One moment we're squirming over how to make friends in a new class, the next we're saying goodbye, hugging each other, all foreign-feeling and awkwardness forgotten, perhaps never crossing paths again (except the meet ups to come :3).

I don't even know if I am able to reflect upon these two years in AJ, it was really much too fast. You walk zombie-like through the days as they pass; each individual lesson seemed endless; each lecture dreary; yet near the finishing line, you begin to ponder when it was that you had began and crossed the start in the first place.

PDG 18/10, amidst all the chaos and rojak timetables, is really quite a magical place to be :)

Let's work hard now, before Graduation Night comes.

What I have been up to lately.

It is rather depressing actually, preparing for A Levels.

On one hand, I'm pretty sure my pure math has AT LEAST improved by a grade, yet on the other hand I'm worried SICK about my Biology let's-memorize-some-fourteen-chapters-for-essay-regurgitation progress. I'm soooo worried for my bio essay component.

(since I started getting single-digit scores, no thanks to my investment of concentration elsewhere)

Here's an egg mayo recipe to cheer us all up.