Monday, December 12, 2011


So bored now.

Trying to make a new blog with customized skin (means I have to familiarize myself with Photoshop on Mac sobsob Y U NO SAME SAME AS PHOTOSHOP ON WINDOWS). But I can't even settle on a decent URL to start a new blog lalalalala.

I am bored to the extent that I have nothing left to clean, because I cleaned EVERYTHING (my papers, my files, my books, my clothes, my shoes, my room etc) the week before already. WOE.

Until I find more inspiration. Goodbye~~~~


mar said...

can we have a movie marathon or sth at yours or Estie's? I'm tired of being bored by myself. p.s. I've cleaned my room twice- mopped and vacuumed. I've reaarranged the things in my closet too.
miss you

m said...

oops i meant swept and vacuumed.