Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Eye infection eye infection eye infection wtfwtfwtfwtfwtf I'M SCARED.

Ok that's it. No more contact lenses till the weird jelly-like substance on my cornea disappears. I need to sleep more. Omg how do I go running without my contact lenses?? ARGH.


I really want a tablet for drawing!! I miss doodling so so so much. But I lose all my doodles when I draw on paper....


Okay lots of things to do tomorrow!

1. Run
2. Buy A4 envelope
3. Mail SMU supporting documents at post office
4. NTU application + non-academic qualifications!
5. Pray to uni-admissions God to let me do Sociology
6. Buy eye lotion/solution thingy
7. Pray to uni-admissions God
8. Change contact lenses
9. Sleep early

YESSSSS it's not 1am yet!!! For once I can hit the bed before 1am. *accomplishment*
Small steps, people. Don't judge!


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