Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bintan 2012 - with my fabulous friends!


The Ugly Bitches. Coined by Lawrence/Kai Leun, used in a self-deragatory manner to describe a specific happy, silly bunch of secondary school friends. While still at GESS, not all 15 Tubbers were close-knit, let alone in one big clique. Graduation and post-sec sch meetups allowed them to grow closer. Tubbers was officially formed in 2012 during a random outing among some of the members.
It was initially known simply as TUB, but it reminded us too directly of bathtubs.
Hence, Tubbers it was. :D

List of Tubbers:
Jian Sheng
Kai Leun
Kian Tiong
Pei Shan
Wai Chong
Wei Qi
Yong Xiang
Yenn Shen

In March 2012, it was decided there was to be a Bintan trip in April during the army boys' block leave! :D Unfortunately, as the date drew nearer, some people had other commitments and couldn't make it, leaving us with 8 Tubbers (+1 Weiqi's JC friend) for the Bintan trip.

And here's where this post starts! :)


The night before the ferry ride I was panicking and sweating buckets!! :( Cause I wanted to go for my JC classmates' pass out parade early the next morning (impromtu decision it was) and being the procrastinating lump I am at home, my luggage was still empty!!!!!! @_@

Packed till like 1am, and finalized all the details for the POP, and was about to sleep when - BAM - more bad news!! I started rashing like insanity!! Looked like hives/eczema/whatever the shit horribly bad rashes looks like. It was so grotesque!! My shins just started rashing, and within 5 minutes it went all the way up my legs! My arms were threatening to break out also! WTF!

Side story - I never used to have sensitive skin when I was a kid! T_T I could roll around in the mud and dust, and my skin would stay good. But now, NOOOOOO every time I so much as poke dust, I turn into some giant mutated form of chicken skin.

Mad disgusting!

It was so freaking terrible and I was super STRESSED from the late packing and planning already!! T_T 

Applied medicine and fell into an unrestful slumber.... because I woke up at 6am and my rashes were WORSE THAN EVER!!!

Sent two panic-texts to Val and Vii in the middle of the night ._.

Plus my mom heard me in my room, and she got damn pissed that I was awake (mom is very insistent on me sleeping a full 8 hours everyday - which I don't. In fact, if I can sleep for 18 hours I'm sure she wouldn't mind wtf). So my rashes + stress + mom breathing fire down my neck was making 8th of April start out on a very very very bad note.

I was on time for POP in the end (took a cab -_-), during which my rashes cleared up a lot. The heavens are playing with me fml. I was so bloody stressed about the holiday that it totally defeated the purpose of going on a holiday ._.

But THANK GOD I didn't back out on Bintan at the last minute due to all the pressure!!! It was the best getaway I've had since ever :)

Photo with my Vee at the floating platform. It was quite stinky. The guys said it was the smell of Tekong lololol

Breakfast with Darryl, his parents and the rest of the Tubbers after that! And by some stroke of wizardry, my mom was suddenly very compassionate and called to tell me to go straight to Vii's house; she will bring my Bintan luggage to Vii's house instead of me going back to Admiralty for it.

Most touching moment ever!!! 

(Although - side story again - my mom was supposed to go to the hospital at Outram that day, and because she had to meet me to pass me my luggage, I almost NARROWLY made her late for her appointment. 8 April, Y U NO GOOD TO ME???? More about the suay-ness of 8 April later)

 Cinyi and I in the lifts after I picked her up from the condo's lobby. This is my BFF! :D

All 9 of us! This was right before we were leaving Vii's house for the ferry terminal.

Going down the lifts!

In the MRT! Hahaha look at Lawrence, he be killing people tonight xD

Our would-be security guards :D


Hihi this is the legendary straw hat which made my profile pic very nice thanks HAHAHA.

And just when it seemed like Bad Luck 8 April was over, THE TRAIN STALLED!!!! Which is a VERY bad thing, because we had a ferry to catch! Departure was at 5pm, but we were supposed to check-in at 3.30. The train stalled near Paya Lebar for almost 20 minutes. 20 agonizing minutes, because the clock read 3.40 by the time we started moving again.

Stuck at Paya Lebar! @_@

Eventually, Vii called her dad's chauffeur to pick us up from Paya Lebar in the company's car. It was a very squeezy ride and I was squashed in the back with Val, Waichong and Lawrence. I also had to hold on to Cinyi's luggage for fear that it's weight would squish my poor luggage!!!! T__T

We managed to reach the terminal with about 45 mins to spare before departure!

We were here a couple of years ago for the Sec 3 OCIP trip to Batam!!! :D Good memories.

Cinyi loves the ferry boarding pass!

Shopping at DFS!! Stocking up on all the alcohol we can before we reach Bintan. It was good shopping xD

We had to carry all these by hand!! Eggs, raw meat, bread, snacks, etc! Madness!
Thankfully I was only in charge of the snacks and charcoal :X

Filling in the white cards! :) 
And we move to board our ferry!! :D It was quite funny, the few of us lugging so many things. Especially poor Kian Tiong, had to move the huge and heavy styrofoam box full of BBQ food!! He was detained at the Bintan customs cause they had stringent rules about bringing meat in. Poor KT. Thank you!! :DDD

Turquoise waters!


My favourite group of people :)

Unabashed huge pic of myself :D

Started raining a little bit..

BFF's selfcam, but I look so retrospective and unglam at the same time haha!


And after the half hour boat ride, we reached Bintan!!! :D Immediately, the air felt fresher and the skies looked grander. Teehee.

All our belongings. Like running away from home wtf.

Luggages all tagged and ready to be sent to our villa :D I almost got knocked down by the huge bus also. At the moment when this picture was taken somemore T_T

On the bus to the villa! Our three happy boys.

BFF's scrunch face! :D

I think this photo is very nice!! Cute boy + cute hat. But all the guys said very gay :( Ok lor.

When we reached the main reception area (where all the concierges are), everyone's collective exclamation was: "OMG THIS PLACE LOOKS LIKE OUR HOTEL IN BATAM!!" And seriously, the layout was so similar, we wondered for a moment if we were back at Batam instead of Bintan. Wave of nostalgia!

BINTAN LAGOON RESORTS was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some awesome architecture!

Ladies chilling with drinks (sadly, not orange juice like the one at Batam :( Boo.)
 Cinyi the model from Secondary 2 returns! *reference to taking pics of our huge chalet in 2008* Hehe.

AWKWARD ELBOW!!! Hahaha! This pic is so random and unglam in so many ways,
but it's so us xD

Why my Vii so tall. I wanna be tall too :(

The furnishings in the reception are so pretty I wonder if anyone even uses them.

View from the balcony of the reception area

Swimming pool!! There is a sad story to this. The pool had slides and fountains and everything - EVERY KID'S ULTIMATE DREAM!! And we are still kids ok. Haha! But there was no time to play in the pool on the 8th, and the 9th was spent on the beach & BBQ. On the 10th, when Cinyi finally could hit the water, I couldn't :X LE SIGH. Pool and us, not fated. 命中不注定。

Tubbers at Bintan Lagoon Resorts!

Our concierges are super nice and ultra good at what they do. Unfortunately, they can't really take good pics :X This photo has the potential to be really nice... *twinge of sadness*

The ladies and Vii's idea of AWKWARD SMILES. Weiqi = ultra awkward unfortunately xD

After checking in at Bintan Lagoon Resorts, we were whisked away on a minibus to our very own villa!! 31 BUGANVIL. No pic of the exterior cause it looks spooky.

Val looks so happy :D

31 Buganvil is a double-storey house a la terrace. Four bedrooms, all on the upper level. Three bathrooms; one on the lower, one on the upper, and one attached to the Master Bedroom (YESSSS!). Comes with a Mahjong Room (totally untouched, which is surprising) and best of all - A GOLF CART/BUGGY TO DRIVE AROUND IN!!!!!!! The buggy was the highlight of our Bintan trip man, forget the beaches and the massages! Trolololol.

 Interior of our cosy home for the next 3 days:

Kitchen + Dining room

Living room, with stairs that lead to dining/kitchen area. Also where the toilet & mahjong room are.

On top of the world!


Like what friends do, the squabble for the best room began xD
Val wanted one of the two master bedrooms (with the double bed) with KT cause technically the trip was only possible because of her kind parents.
Weiqi and Noella had to be together cause Noella only mutual friend with us is Weiqi.
And of course our two boys have to stick together too. There were two single-bed bedrooms, one master bedroom, and a second master bedroom which had no toilet adjoined to it.

In the end, Waichong & Lawrence got the second master bedroom, Val & KT took one of the singles, Weiqi & Noella took the other, which left Cinyi, Vii and I with the bigass master bedroom :P

Hello master bedroom!

Weiqi came over to slack a little with us before dinner :D


Driving the buggy + the buggy rides were super high and exciting experiences!! You'd think that it's child's play, but our villa was set on a super steep slope, and we had to reverse the buggy down the slope everytime we wanted to drive around!

If that wasn't enough, the roads in the resort were lined with humps to keep drivers from going too fast (not that you can speed with a buggy, but still) and all of us were determined to drive like pros! xD

So everytime we came across a hump, we'd dutifully slow down and gently roll over the humps :D

Failure to do so would arouse bad comments from the people you were ferrying ("Walao eh damn pain can!!" or "My life flashed before my eyes! Drive safely la!") and you will be labelled "bad driver" - as I was on the second day :X But I improved drastically ok!! Ask Vii!!!

Meanwhile, Lawrence was labelled the "reckless driver", Kian Tiong was a "drunk driver", Waichong got "safe driver" and poor Vii was a "driver with no sense of direction" cause initially she couldn't get any of the roads right hahaha!

And we banned Weiqi from driving right at the start cause she would most definitely be "blur driver" HAHA.

Dinner on the first night! Theme was luncheon meat apparently o_o
It was added to our fried rice, fried beehoon and fried egg.

After dinner, we commenced our very first Alcohol Night!! Hehe badasses we are (not).
Standard rules la, play some random game, loser has to drink a shot of whatever was the alcohol-of-the-night.

Alcohol of the night: Cockburns Wine!

It was not punishment pls. The damn thing was delicious.

Secretly, I think everyone wanted to lose so they could drink the wine. Best wine ever!! :D Not kidding at all.

Getting slightly red from the wine

Initially, we wanted to visit the club that night! It's the only nightclub in Bintan apparently, although there are a couple of bars here and there. But cause it was Easter Sunday, the club was closed!!! Boo. We didn't know until we drove the buggy there, so we decided to visit the leisure centre next to the club instead.

Btw side note, buggys are the most convenient forms of transport in a moderate area like chalets ever!! Singapore should learn!!!! Buggys are the best. Plus you gotta plug and charge them, so they don't eat up fuel. Environmentally friendly pls!! #winning

With my excited BFF! All changed and ready to explore :D

Kiantiong drove us to the reception area = life in danger.
As I said, he was the "drunk driver".

Signboard in front of the steps that led to Silk :D

When I first saw the sign I couldn't decide if it was Filk or Silk. Looks like an "f" right??? I almost called it Filk until I heard them saying "Silk" lol fail. But still.

Anyway Silk is a really nice place. Not as atas as those in Singapore I guess, what with the flashy lights and fancy decor here. Silk looks more like a lounge. A pulsating, modern lounge with live entertainment, a bar and comfy couches. It was cool in it's own way and if it was in Singapore I totally wouldn't mind going back :D

My two BFFs in front of Silk's staircase. Going down leads straight to the doors of Silk!

Anyway, cause Silk was closed that night we checked out the Leisure centre!

Free table tennis that night!

Vii was drunk off the wine. Or high at least!

Look at the crazy girl xD

And she went and act cute to the karaoke receptionists to hopefully get a free KTV room!

Anyway, cause the KTV was also closing, we settled for some good old Foozball :D

We returned to our villa for some camwhoring moments cause the leisure centre got boring xD Then we decided to club in the master bedroom !!!
Conclusion: Vii is the BEST person to go clubbing with! Hahaha! The moves she cranks out are so LOL it made the rest of us collapse with laughter! Haha I love you Vii!!

I think this pic is really nice!! But Vii doesn't think so hehehe.

Hellooooo we are clubbing! Haha!

Another highlight of the Bintan trip!!!! xD
Nothing beats clubbing with friends in a master bedroom overseas HAHA

Does Vii look happy or what xD

Super tired after all the laughing. Bedtime soon!!


Last photo that night: Lawrence being thoroughly amazed with the hairdryer xD

And soon, it was DAY 2 of our Bintan getaway.

My BFFs :D

Vii is so model-esque!

Teehee Weiqi looks angry

Noella and Weiqi! :D

Pushing each other into the waters as we always do xD

My yummy Honkie and I :D

Girls' jumpshot!

Vii and Val, my fellow swift swallows <3

Unfortnately, it started to rain!!! You can see the rainclouds gathering in the photo above. We were all so bummed cause we thought it was gonna rain the whole day, and spoil our lovely trip to Bintan (we only have 3 days there, so every minute is precious!!!). But since we couldn't do anything else, we gave in to cruel nature and headed back to the villa for lunch. And pray to the rain gods to stop being a wet blanket wtf. Hehe I is so punny. :D

Val = epic :D

And I cooked lunch for the Tubbers that day!!! :D Noodles with crabstick, sausages and cheese tofu!

Ok here's the sad part. You know how when you go to chalets and stuff, NOBODY ever brings the salt? So you end up eating super bland, disgusting food? The good thing was that after constant reminders and texts, we actually DID bring the salt! :D :D :D :D

The bad part was that my dish needed soya sauce, not salt ._____.

So instead of mixing the noodles with taiwanese BBQ sauce, oyster sauce and soya sauce, I had to stir them with non-taiwanese BBQ sauce (which is neither salty nor yummy-smelling), and SALTWATER. Horror.

End product!

Still, it looked ok (keyword: looked). It tasted alright, but not the best :( And the noodles became super dry cause we left them out for so long while trying to get around the soya sauce problem. #fail

I am just not meant to cook. *white flag*

Our neon couple (they always have neon, bright colours on them) were very helpful !!! :D They went to wash all the pots and plates. Aww, so hardworking. Hahaha!

And here is KT barging into the photo, pretending that he is helping out as well! (but of course he didn't) xD

We were still slacking around the villa a little, but the sky was clearing up again!!!! :D The rain gods must have pitied us after the not-too-good experience with lunch ._.

Happy and preparing to go to the beach again!!

Val driving the buggy!! Bringing Vii, Cxy and I to the beach (buggy max 5 people!)

Hello pretty beach, once again!! :D

Me drawing customary landmark :D

Cinyi had to stay on dry land, so she suntan while we run about

We decided to play banana boat!! :D If you don't know what banana boat is, basically we sit on a big rubber boat (usually yellow) that's tied to a speedboat.

Something like this!

And the speedboat will then start speeding around in the sea and we will have to hang on for dear life!! Or else we'll capsize!!!! Which is quite fun if you think about it.

Something like this maybe? xD

Cinyi taking pics of our security guards stripping :X hahaha!

Hello BFF!
And that's our banana boat right there!!! :D :D :D :D Excited max!! We all had to wear lifejackets and it was quite scary cause.... well you usually only wear lifejackets if your life is in danger what!! Well anyway we were all very high by then hahaha! Waichong started rashing after wearing the lifejacket though!

Waddle waddle... reaching our banana boat!
Boarding the banana boat is damn difficult pls. And cause all the girls were struggling so much, the speedboat guy had to pull us onto the banana boat by tugging on our lifejackets and dragging us up wtf. And cause my hair wasn't tied up, he grabbed by hair also and yanked it upwards!! T_____T

If I become bald this guy will have to pay for my Beijing 101.

Setting off!!!


IT WAS MAD FUN!!! People if you ever have the chance to do banana boating, DON'T PASS IT UP. We were supposed to lean in whichever direction the speedboat was turning to keep ourselves from capsizing and put thumbs up if we wanna speed up, and thumbs down for the opposite.

So the whole time we were all just screaming cause it was going SO FAST (like a roller coaster but better!!!!) and yelling "RIGHT!!!" or "NO NO NO LEFT!!!!" at random moments, and someone else will be shouting "THUMBS UP LEH THUMBS UP!" Hahahahahha epic and memorable!!!

Weiqi was desperate not to capsize cause she was so afraid of being soaked! Vii didn't want to capsize at first, but because Lawrence and Waichong kept purposely disturbing the rest of us or leaning the wrong way to make us cap, Vii decided to join in the troublemaking also!

You know how terrifying it is when you're speeeeeeeeding on a banana boat, further and further away from shore, and you're surrounded by three crazy people?? Life flashing before your eyes moment!!!

The two boys at the back keep leaning the wrong way, with the one behind me shaking my lifejacket as well, and the nutty girl beside me was nudging my leg off the boat!!!!! Speaking of which, I haven't gotten back at Vii for joining Law/WC and adding on to my terror.

Admittedly, though, it was mad exhilarating :D

Somewhere along, they decided it was boring not to capsize, so Waichong just let go of the banana boat! And he got slapped by the waves when he tumbled into the water!!!! Cause the water there was so crystal clear, the few of us at the back saw the waves practically smacking his face when he went underwater hahaha! Poor thing, rash on back + slapped by seawater xD

Anyway, we ended the banana boat ride in a very non-climatic way cause they just slowed down when we got near the shore again. And we were all protesting and going "huh why didn't we capsize? I thought you all will force us to cap?" to which the speedboat guy told us,

"Oh, you cannot capsize, because you are sitting on a double banana boat."

Something like this!

AND WE WERE ALL SO BUMMEDDDDDD hahaha and to imagine we were desperately trying not to capsize while we were out on the sea. Even Weiqi was slightly upset we didn't cap! Hahaha!

Back on shore!! :D Best ride ever. Got hell lot of salt in my hair though.

All the seawater and salt made our hair extremely gross and tangled! But on the bright side, all the salt hitting our face must have exfoliated our skin right??

Waichong stole my camera and camwhored with the boys!

Val's caption for this photo is: "ARMPIT HAIR!"

Coconut was some much-needed thirst quencher!! SGD $7 though.

The boys went to catch hermit crabs!!!!! Was quite grossed out at first, but they grew on me and I started seeing them in a cuter light lol. Didn't dare touch any still.

All the Mr Hermits!!!

Law and I! Law being ultra barbaric (or determined?) with the coconut and digging all the meat out!

Love this photo!! We all look like little kids!! :D Happy little kids!

:D And look at Lawrence and his awkward pose!

We played frisbee as well, and had a major SANDBALL FIGHT!!! The sand hitting you was SUPER painful, but you forget it all after your first throw-of-revenge at your provoker xD Screaming and running around on the shoreline, throwing and dodging sandballs, and getting hit by other sandballs... :D

After awhile we just got extremely exhausted (and tummy was hurting from all the laughing/snorting in seawater accidentally) so we just sat in the sea with the water up to our chests, and let the waves engulf us.........

Although the waves slowly became pretty strong and crashed against us, knocking all of us down whenever we stood up! We had a very painful laughing session again xD

It was getting pretty late, 5 plus, nearing 6. So we left the peaceful, happy sanctuary of the beach and headed back to the villa to start our BBQ :)

Cut apples for the Tubbers :D Healthy people!

Lawrence acting cute!

Playing with the hat and glasses xD

The boys didn't bathe after going to the beach!!! *dirty* Hahaha! All the girls did, and unfortunately, Vii got her hair stuck in the hairdryer......

HAHA POOR THING!! Look at that face. Pure agony. And cause we didn't have scissors, we had to free her hair by using the kitchen knife omg.

Lawrence trying to behead himself xD

Preparing for the BBQ~

Val cutting the sausages :D


Cinyi: 人家是  “屁股开花”,你是 “嘴巴开花”!哈哈哈!

Pretty fire :D

Smores for dessert :D

My chio friends :D

After our yummy BBQ dinner, a lot of us got majorly bored in front of the TV. We watched ANTM, Project Runway, Revenge etcetcetc and we were all falling asleep xD

Weiqi falling asleep

Noella falling asleep

Cinyi falling asleep
Bascially we were all bored.

Until our companions for the second night emerged!

Perfect example of pretty on the outside, disgusting on the inside.

Mojito tasted like heaven and rainbows next to this other green thing.

We played all the standard games; cai quan, 7 up, and a game which had something to do with cards which I can't rmb alr wtf memory loss.

All awake again! Haha! Note Noella xD

First to turn red that night!

And this is evidence of Noella's decline into a total monster xD

BFF didn't get to drink a lot, and even had to drink a couple of shots for me lolol

Ears were buzzing wtf hehe

Noella's shouting begins... xD

And because we were all pretty intoxicated and happy (the shame), we went to Silk, which was finally open!!!!!!! :D :D

Being driven to Silk on the buggy!
Even though the boys drank a lot, surprisingly our troublemakers Lawrence and Waichong were the best security guards/bouncers/caregivers that day!! :D

At the entrance of Silk! Noella on the verge of a K.O.
And knock-out she did... xD

Yelling at security guard Lawrence, telling him she's sober xD

KT on the verge also xD Val twirling!

And there we have..... Noella KO-ed.
But the party goes on! :D

Funniest choo-choo train ever LOL
The club was SO EMPTY cause it was off-peak season. We had the whole place to our crazy selves and we were charging around the club like that xD

The alcohol got to my BFF after she jumped around too much! Aww, our neon couple taking care of her.

This is Heineken (can't believe they ordered more beer)

Can you spot the Noella?

I had to lie down on the couch for a while also because my vision was spinning a little! But the music was really good :D Makes you wanna groove hehehe.

BFF and Noella were back at the villa resting at this point!

And finally we returned to the villa too! I couldn't walk properly :X Being honest here!!! I vaguely remember yelling at the rest from the sofa and asking them to keep their voices down cause my head was pounding lolol. That could have happened. Maaaaaybe.



 After much needed rest, it was..
DAY 3 of Our Bintan Getaway!!

Sober breakfast after a very un-sober night xD

And finally, finally, FINALLY we could play LASER QUEST after breakfast!!! :D It was MAD FUN omg!

Smth like this, but the one at Bintan less atas. STILL KICKASS! THOUGH.

We were split up into teams (only 6 people were allowed on the field) and we had to shoot the other team! We all had to wear this super heavy vest with blinking lights on our chest, back and shoulders, the only four places our opponent's laser gun could shoot to score.

The field was just a very big room with structures we could climb on/hide in, like a huge maze! And it was so dark and cold, your survival instincts really just kick in xD

Although I was stomping around like an overweight elephant cause I couldn't be bothered to keep quiet while chasing my prey lolol it was that exciting.

This is Green Team 2! Vii, WC & Val! 

Green Team 1! Law, WQ and Noella!

And hellooooo we are RED TEAM and we are ownage!! 
Cause we won both rounds against the two other teams! Hahaha!

Individually, KT got the highest score in both rounds, followed by Cinyi who was second consecutively. I was fourth in the first game with Green Team 1, but in the next game against Green Team 2, I improved to third! Whee!

For the first game I was hiding on the little podium above Noella. She didn't realize the ceiling above her was just a net so I could keep laser-tagging her silently lolol.

Second game, Cinyi brought me to the secret hideout that acted like a second level! It overlooked much of the room, and we were like snipers HAHA until Val & Vii discovered our hideout!! Then they kept surprise-ambushing us and we got shot a lot!! Poor Vii's gun kept dying at random moments throughout the game and she had to keep running to the control room, screaming "DON'T SHOOT MEEEEEE MY GUN DIIIIIIED!!!" Hahahahahaha! My bimbo Vii ! xD

Got super sweaty after Laser Quest! But there was no time to lose, cause a minibus arrived at 3pm to pick us up from Bintan Lagoon Resorts and to Pasar Oleh Oleh! :D

Sleeping on the bus (what else is new?)

Maroon shirt Tubbers and Pink shirt Tubbers! :D

Tubbers at Pasar Oleh Oleh!!

Best <3

Look at how long Cinyi's fingers are *self conscious*

I look cross-eyed. And with short fingers :(

And why are all my Snapple Facts always so boring wan.

Happy happy! Vii lookin good! 

:D Law photobomb!

Evidence of my buying souvenirs for my sister #goodlilsis

This is a funny photo!! :D Not only did the ang moh make it the ultimate photobomb pic, Val's number 6 also blends in with his tummy!!! xD

Formal Tubbers - with informal Lawrence :D

Honestly, Pasar Oleh Oleh wasn't much :X Although all the girls did buy batik to wear as dresses!!! :D (We didn't eventually.) Oh well :D

Bundled back on the bus to head back to the resort! Busy busy day, because next on our 'itinerary' was MASSAGE !! :D

Close-ups of my Tubbers on the bus to back to Bintan Lagooon Resorts:

Aren't we all like little kids. Hehe. Tubbers tubbers tubbers tubbers tubbers tubbers tubbers tubbers tubbers tubbers.

At reception area, waiting for Val to book a cab for us to the massage place :D

Here's a number-intro of my Tubbers! :D We each picked our favourite numbers, and they aren't consecutive. Some fav numbers overlapped so people had to compromise cause we didn't wanna have the same number twice :X

Like how Val wanted 9, but Bren got it so she used a 6. And how Cinyi wanted 3, but someone else got it (Darryl, was it?)

10 - Lawrence!

11- Waichong!

2 - Weiqi!

7 - Kiantiong!

13 - ME! For obvious reasons xD

1 - Cinyi!

6 - Val!

Vii doensn't have a Tubbers shirt cause she wasn't included in the initial line-up of Tubbers :X Out of us 4 swallows, it was only Val, Bren and I who were in the Tubbers (Vii was too atas when the Tubbers was first created lolol) BUT she is now an invaluable and irreplaceable treasure in our little clique and we love her very very much <3 (maybe cause of her wine cellar....?) HEHE I'M KIDDING.

On the cab to Nirwana Resort! (where the massage is)

Lawrence act cool xD

Look at the couple behind us lol

Aww I made this bracelet for myself hahaha but I can't find it now wtf.

And we reached Nirwana!!! It was cool like Bintan Lagoon, but maybe a bit more forest-y? There seems to be more amenities too, or my judgement could be wrong :X Haha!

Before the massage! All excited and not knowing what to expect
Anyway it was super awkward cause we were ushered to individual rooms that were drawn by curtains instead of doors.

So yeah... it wasn't the most comfortable experience cause we had to take most of our clothes off wtf. If it was all the girls in one room maybe it wouldn't be so awkward, but we were all in individual rooms with the masseuse and worse, the boys could be in the room right next to or opposite your room. Ahem.

So silence it was.

And when the masseuse asked me things like "Is it pain/ticklish" or "I need to tie up your hair", I'm pretty sure I whispered back my answer cause there was NO SOUND coming from the other rooms too lol *awkwardmoment*

And the boys were saying it was so weird cause... well, yeah. It was awkward .__.

Ginger tea after the massage! Hair super oily + WC centre parting alr HAHA

MVP is Vii's hair - it was the MOST oily haha!

And we set off in our comfy cab for our KELONG DINNER!!!! :D It was the only meal which we paid for - everything else at Bintan we cooked ourselves lol #cheapo

The drive there was peaceful (we were talking about how awkward our massages were), and when we looked out the window.......

A Bintan sunset!!

It was so breathtaking!!!! :D :D :D :D The view was unparalleled; there was nothing urban nor cosmopolitan to mar the view. It was just the sky, hued with a soft, sleepy pink, the majestic sun with it's beautiful golden glow, the calm of the untouched sea, the Bintan air that never smelled as fresh, and the amazing Tubbers :)

Tubbers - without me, cause I was taking the pic :D

Tubbers - with me! Cam was on self-timer.

Cropped to show our faces :P

We stood there awhile and drank in as much of the view as we possibly could. Then, when the sun was almost done with its descent into the horizon and the deep purple of the sky muffled the pretty pink, we headed to our Kelong Restaurant! ^^

Lawrence found his long-lost cousin.

Kiantiong got a tick cause he passed his BDT! :D

Waichong got a cross got he failed his BDT :P

While waiting for food to come, some of us went to explore Calypso Bar near the restaurant.
BFF took this for me! :D

FOOD PICS!!! I didn't do justice to some of the heavenly food served that day cause we were all so eager to put everything into our mouths the moment they were served to our table xD

Calamari with mayo on the side.

Scallops tossed in garlic

Hello lobster baby!

Breaded prawns

Garoupa (if I'm not wrong). Weiqi called it Groupon lol #blurqueen

Wheeeee yummy dish. Chilli tofu! :D

Sambal kangkong - which wasn't the best tbh but yums nonetheless.

HIHI TUBBERS at the linkway between the restaurant and Calypso Bar!

Wanted to take the couple but Law photobombed.. LOL he deserved it xD

After the yummy dinner - which cost about SGD 50 per person - we headed back to our resort!! :D It was our last night at Bintan already, and we initially wanted to finish all the alcohol we brought over (a lot of Mojito leftover from last night, cause the Vodka killed us already, and six bottles of Hoegaarden still untouched!!!!)

But I was so tired, and so sick of all the alcohol lol that when I was made to drink one cup of Mojito and a few sips of Hoegaarden, I just completely KO and fell asleep on the sofa halfway through the games.

Needless, I slept the most that night lol although sleeping on the too-soft sofa hurt my back like crazy and rendered the massage useless -_- Backpain the next morning.

The other Tubbers apparently watched soccer and managed to finish the rest. 

Driving back to the villa!

BFF looking quite tired.. but the alcohol had to be finished!! @_@

Noella also fell asleep pretty early.

Waichong KO. Time was 4am apparently, BFF and some of the others still awake @_@

And sadly.. 11th of April rolled around...
We were to depart Bintan and go home! Aww. Memories, memories. And embarrassing moments lolol, but as CXY said, what happens in Bintan stays in Bintan. HAHA.

Cereal drink for breakfast, MAJOR YUMS.

KOMODO DRAGON AT OUR BACKYARD!!!! Came to say bye to us?

On the minibus, driving us from the villa to the reception! :D Vii looking all happy and satisfied!!

Goodbye Bintan Lagoon Resorts! :( You were marvelous, and your concierges were the best!!!!!!
Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, and the memories!! :)

So we boarded the big bus that drove us from the resort to the ferry terminal. It was a half hour drive I think, and many of us just fell asleep. Other than me, cause I had ample rest :P

Vii asleep xD

The couple asleep

Noella asleep

Lawrence asleep, Waichong half-asleep

BFF pretending to be asleep and looking chio LOLOL

Smiling in his sleep ? Haha!

At the ferry terminal!! Boys trying to act cute a la Weiqi style! xD

Our skeleton neon couple!
Cinyi and I bought souvenirs for the TT girls! And I for my family, including Chek and Guosheng. Teehee I'm so selective with my souvenirs HAHA but there wasn't enough time!! #defensive

And thus we boarded the ferry, en route back to reality...

Copying WC's pose

Look at kid Lawrence's mischievous smile!!

Waichong and his cross-dressing at his poly's camp LOL what a pretty girl~
(Looks like Lambert)


Posted this on instagram. We reached the Singapore harbour already!!

At DFS again xD Everyone bought a bottle of Cockburns - except me teehee

Trolling Cinyi haha!


My Valval and I go a long long long looooooong way back.... <3
(when we were in KINDERGARTEN and had the same two-timing 'boyfriend' LOL kids these days *shakes head*
From kindergaten rivals (unknowingly. we never knew the other existed until we pulled out our kindergarten photos one fine day in sec 1 haha!) to being inseparable in sec sch cause I lent her my timetable on the first day of school xD I LOVE YOU VAL :D

Then she intro-ed me to Vii, who was actually her 'enemy' in primary school, but because they didn't know anyone else they banded together HAHA survival instincts much xD And we all just fell into place :)


Thank you all for being the wonderful people you guys are. I hope we'll always stay the silly, happy kids we are, and grow even closer (if that's possible! :P) Tubbers ftw!!


Anonymous said...

nice post! so funny! so u choose to blog uh.

and got spelling mistakes leh!
BDT (basic driving test)
cai QUAN (sry, can't help it, its chinese xP)
DFS (duty free shop )


Cheryl ★ said...

HAHA you damn pro ok i change now!! HAHAHA.

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