Sunday, April 8, 2012


I really need a break.

It's 12am already.. and I want to go for the pass out parade tmr, which means I have to be at esplanade at 7am. And my luggage for bintan is still empty. Oh god, may I please stop procrastinating for once T______T


Had fun with the tubbers today, even though it was just grocery shopping :)

It's so weird, we all met 7 years ago and yet it feels like nothing much has changed when I'm with them.. Silly little kids running around the place, taking the whole world as our playground and not paying the slightest attention to anything that isn't within our circle. Our homely little circle (with people who never reply to texts, haha poor val).

Even though the trip is now down to 9 people, I'm pretty sure we're going to have fun! :D Cause most of the jokers are still around and 3/4 of my BFFs are going!! Teehee.
Sun, sand and sea, here I come!!

In other news....... WHEN WILL MY UNI LETTERS COME???? T______T

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