Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bad luck on the 8th?

This time one month ago (8th of April), it was suay day.

I got a serious case of rashes, was almost late for my friends' POP, holiday plans were in a mess, I got scolded by my mother, and we almost missed our ferry to Bintan cause the train stalled.

Fast forward one month, and the 8th of May was not much better :(

NTU Sociology finally called me a week ago to inform me that I was shortlisted for the test & interview!! They were the last out of all three unis I've applied to to contact me, and I was quite surprised about this, because my grades matched their cut-off exactly (plus the A for GP!! :D), whereas I missed NUS and SMU by a few points.

The test and interview was scheduled at 10am, 8th May.

So here, the bad luck comes in.

I lost my wallet on a cab last night. Got into a crazy panicked frenzy cause my bank cards were all inside, as well as my IC and house key. Yes, my house key is in my wallet together with my IC. I never really thought much of it, but yes it is a stupid thing to do. I have learnt my lesson.

Anyway, as if losing my wallet - with my cash and cards inside - the day before my interview wasn't bad enough, NTU probably wants verification of some sort right? HOW DO I VERIFY MY IDENTITY WITHOUT MY IC??

In the end, decided to bring my passport ._.

On the morning of the 8th, woke up with a heavy heart (lost wallet fml, lots of things to do). But the horrible luck doesn't end there. At JE station, I was supposed to change trains and head towards Joo Koon. The platform on the right read "to Joo Koon" and the train was there already!!

Needless, I boarded (the extremely packed) train...... and when the doors closed, I realized it was going towards Pasir Ris ._.

Wrong direction!!!!


No choice... took a cab at Clementi. And from this cab ride, I conclude that cabs and I are not meant to be. Not fated. Not compatible. I can't take cabs, and cabs can't drive me.

Because whichever cab I take NEVER KNOWS HOW TO GO TO WHEREVER I NEED IT TO GO. 

Not the first time already.

It was 10.05AM when I arrived at NTU.

But nooooope, epic journey hasn't ended. CAN YOU SEE HOW HORRIBLE 8TH MAY IS YET??

I was supposed to report to NTU's School of Humanities and Social Science reception counter at 10AM. The cab driver took me for a spin (clueless driver + clueless passenger = best combo ever), and when I finally got to the School, it was 10.15AM.

Ran to the counter... only to realize there was NO ONE THERE.

Not a soul.


I had no number to call also. Paced up and down like an idiot (cause quite frankly I really was an idiot wtf lose wallet, take wrong train), until I saw someone emerge from a door behind the counter.

UNFORTUNATELY (what else is new), this dude is not from the division of Sociology. I think he is a Chinese lecturer. In any case, he didn't know anything about the Sociology interview, but tried to help by bringing me to fifth floor, where the Division of Sociology is located.

But you know universities.

All the corridors were locked, cruel glass doors separating me from the test/interview I was so sure I could pass and from them, receive another offer of admission.

But no.

It was so cold there, I swear. And I have never felt so numb from all the bad stuff that just happened. Everything felt so surreal, like I was some puppet on strings, being played with by ruthless, ruthless fate. I mean, SERIOUSLY? This much shit could happen to one person within the space of a few hours?


In the end, I just gave up trying.

NUS, I am all yours, without a second thought anymore. :)



YES :) I'd spent a while thinking, debating, wondering whether I really should commit. Will I get tired ? Will I give up? Will I just drop everything when I've had enough?
(I hope not)


Introducing my baby ukulele! :D It's a Makala brand soprano uke!!!

Makala Colours - Solid Pink Dolphin! I wanted the Pinkburst Dolphin so badly, but their last unit was quite badly scratched :( SOLID PINK IT IS! #notgrowingup

Dolphin bridge. How adorable is this model!!

My ukuele master. HAHA!
Ben was mad awesome, willingly letting me drag him all around Singapore; offering to look for my wallet, going to the NPC at somerset to report my lost wallet with me, getting new ATM cards, having a very late lunch, pushing back the ukulele-jamming session until much later today, shopping for a girly uke with me (LOL) and giving expert advice! HEHEHE thank you Benjamin you are absolutely GODSEND!!!!

This place is a hidden gem! Perfect views, quiet and relatively untouched, but still pretty modern. We agreed it was the best place to have a picnic with the usual bunch of people!! So Cinyi/Aaron/Jac/Charis/whoever is part of our usual group of friends, mark your calendars!! We're gonna have a picnic (+uke/singing) at the most perfect place in Singapore!

Sunset! iPhone camera does no justice, it was so calming and pretty! :D


And surprisingly, you can see the Flyer/MBS from there!!!!

Uke :)

And more good news! When I finally tore myself away from the tranquility of the park and returned home, I found a handwritten note stuffed at the lock of my front door.

My wallet is coming back to me tomorrow!!!! :D

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