Thursday, May 31, 2012

先甜后苦 :D

(Okay, I know my mandarin is terrible, but I quoted the 成语 wrongly on purpose :D *defensive*)

SDE called yesterday, while I was in the middle of work. The call revolved around admin matters, and inviting me down for their admission day this coming Saturday. They also told me to consider attending the Faculty Camp in June (which is separate from the campus-wide Orientation Week in August). After a few more reminders and admin-news, the phone call ended.

And it suddenly hit me that June is approaching, and three-quarters of my long break has already ended.


So now that uni is really starting soon, I'm beginning to value those 'me' moments a lot more.

When my long 8-month break first started, I disliked having to stay home with nothing to do. Going out, regardless for work or to meet friends, was way more interesting and exciting. Staying cooped up at home was equivalent to wasting my holiday. In fact, I think I've been at home less than when I was schooling ._.

I think I tired myself out a lot, always wholeheartedly agreeing to attend any meet-up/work as soon as I was asked. I vaguely register being really, really, really tired at certain points, but the moment I got an off-day with nothing to do, I literally turned into an emo lump at home. SO GO OUT IT WAS!

Hehehe. Kinda ironic isn't it, accumulating a sleep-debt when I'm supposed to be on holiday.

In retrospect, I can see why my mom was so pissed off with me sometimes (why can't you just sleep in/sleep more/sleep again/sleep earlier etc etc etc).

Sorry mummy! :(
I am enjoying my last few years as a teenager (SPEAKING OF WHICH, WTF I'M NOT GOING TO BE A TEEN ANYMORE WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!!!!! - But this is another story. Digressions aside...) so I had absolutely no choice but to return home to you looking more and more like a panda bear each time.

Btw I FREAKING LOVE PANDAS. I can't help it, it's in my name. 
The dude up there is called "Tarepanda". CAN YOU BLAME ME FOR HAVING AN INSTANT CONNECTION WITH IT??

(Ahem. Again, digressions aside...)

But now that I'm about to become a student again (and a more independent/motivated one this time round), I don't think I'll be an emo lump at home anymore.

I've been playing my uke (amazingly it really isn't another one of my five-minute-fascinations), drawing/doodling a lot, and trying to learn Jap (keyword: trying). I only got as far as memorizing the five a-i-u-e-o characters in Hiragana, and that's already a lot of hard work for my rusty brain ok people.

I love my ukulele! :D

Moral of the story, I will properly treasure the time I have left for myself/my family/my close friends before uni starts now :) 

(And I still can't believe I'm currently living the "long holiday" Mrs Goh always used as a motivational tool to make us study when we were all stressed for the A Levels. Torturous journey it was; I hated it. The long holiday felt like it would never come.)


IN OTHER NEWS (still uni-related though), MY MOM AGREED TO LET ME STAY IN HOSTELLLLLL ! Currently quite interested in Eusoff Hall, so... fingers crossed? :)

If you have been an avid reader of mine one of the poor people I always rant to, you'd know my mom was intensely against the idea of me living in a uni hall (and this is just putting it lightly).

Whee! :D

Although, now that she has finally given the green light, I'm beginning to find myself doubting my decision :\ What if I am actually complete crap at taking care of myself and I return home looking not like a panda, but like something a panda chewed up? 

Gosh :\

But ok, ok. Think positive. It's gonna be alright. I will grow and mature. I will learn to be independent. My roommate will not be a weirdo. I will have a nice roommate.


I will be meeting the swift swallows tomorrow!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Going to gym/sauna/BAKE MACARONS and possibly terrify Choco with my horrible Cantonese. 

BUT, MACARONS! Can you imagine!!! My all time favourite sweet, my one and only dessert-weakness... and I will make platters and platters of them tomorrow!!!

Rows and rows of wonderful, sweet pastel-coloured French delicacies. Ahhhhhhh!

Something like this maybe?? *high hopes*

This is what love is made of!

* in heaven*

Call me happykid93! :D :D Can't wait lalalala.


Mom sent me pics of the cutest twins in the WORLD - Hayden and Lukas!!! :D
Half Dutch, half Chinese. SOOOOO ADORABLE I swear their smiles have the power to end wars.

I shall share some photos with you here, because the above pictures of the macarons have put me in a considerably good mood. Teehee.




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