Sunday, May 20, 2012


(slight emo tone ahead. approach with caution)

When I received my A Level results.. It wasn't pretty, with only a single A, and a few Bs and Cs. And an E (horror).

I didn't feel anything then; at that instant, they were still just alphabets. Harmless letters printed on a flimsy piece of paper. They seemingly had no consequence.
Mrs Goh had looked at me kindly as she gave me my results. She said it was alright.

The desperation only kicked in a few days afterwards.

Suddenly university seemed like a joke. I was the borderline, 10th percentile on almost every course I had interest in.

I think my friends kept me from going insane. I'm relieved they did much better than I did, are higher than the dreaded 10th percentiles and are able to get into what they liked :)

And i guess in return, they lent me their ears, and accompanied me to whichever uni talk I fancied even if they had zero interest in it. I'm really grateful I have them :D

My TT girls, Cinyi Jac Charis Peishan Cindy, silly girls who provided laugher and joy at every turn. I really needed their support :D

The tubbers, including my fabulous Swallows, who willingly crashed every single uni talk with me as long as I so much as whispered that it seemed interesting.

And my JC mates, ever so optimistic and caring.

In the end, I applied to SMU, NTU and NUS (in that order too).

1.Bachelor of Social Science

1. Sociology
2. Psychology
3. English Literature
4. Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
5. History

1. Project & Facil Management
2. Industrial Design
3. Nursing
4. Architecture
5. Faculty of Arts and Social Science

I was pretty certain I was going to NTU. I read up on Sociology, tried to memorize the NTU campus map, looked up their CCAs (took a fascination to NTU ACES, inner cheerleader in me wants to be let out lololol). But yeah. I was selected, but missed the sociology interview -_-


I'm really grateful :)
I was offered the following:

1. SMU Bachelor of Social Science
2. NUS Project and Facil Management
3. NTU Sociology (but I 'rejected' so..)
4. NTU Psychology

And I'm enrolling into NUS' 4-year PFM course, with my fantastic friends Cinyi (biz admin), Jac (FASS) and Charis (FASS).

And some more awesome news!

NUS Business School, FASS and SDE (School of Design and Environment, my school) are SIDE BY SIDE!!!

Guess who already has lunch buddies before term even starts!!!! ^^


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