Friday, June 29, 2012

Interesting turn of events!

I met (some) of my fellow Raggers today! :D

I was late (I thought it started at 2.30 instead of 2 fml) and when I got there I missed the warm ups. Hence the slight muscle aches now hehe.

We tried the hip hop and the contemporary, and it was during the latter that I GOT KICKED IN THE HEAD BY ELAINE.

You owe me!!!!!!!!

The hip hop was actually ok, pretty easy and somewhat fun (although a little confusing?). We kept doing body isolation practices, and I feel like my hips have been dislocated HAHA well ok it wasn't that bad, but you get the idea!

And after contemporary dance, I have come to the conclusion that I'm about as graceful as a dying elephant.

SO! Hip hop it is!!! (We get to pick which we want).

Unfortunately there was no cheer practice today :(
I miss cheer!! Even wore my cheerleading shirt in honour of my excitement but mehhhhh. Nevermind, next week then (hopefully??)

After dance prac (and 15 mins of wacko), I got hungry. What's new.

Went around asking everyone if they wanted to nomz with me, and amazingly all my new friends said ok!!! :D :D :D Well, most of them. Some went home, but I was SO HAPPY hahahahaha!
Not entirely sure if it's cause I got to eat or cause I made new friends. I MADE NEW FRIENDS! :D

Had some awesome dinner at a korean restaurant at U-Town, I think it was called hwang's (isn't that a Chinese name). But FOOD WAS GREAT and people were the bombzzzzzzz. We declared Simin and Megan as purple-lights, and made Charlene speak German hehehe so cool I have a Eurasian friend now! Be jealous people!! xD

PLUS PLUS PLUS! Charlene lives RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from me!!!! Admiralty buddy ftw!! And on the way home, as we talked, I suddenly realized that I've actually seen Charlene before!

In J1 and J2, I had to take the super early train to school. I was at the front of the platform, where the head of the train would be, and I always, always vaguely registered this ang moh girl in RJ uniform, book in hand, a couple of doors down.
It was easy to notice her cause, well, she looks caucasian, and her uniform reminded me of my secondary school uniform.


HAHA the world is so small.

I must take a picture with her and post it soon hehe!

So that concludes my Rag Day One! :D It was fun, and next practice is MONDAY whoop whoop! :D :D

Elaine and I after dinner :D
This girl was in AJC with me, is in SDE now as well, stays at Woodlands, is in RAG, and is also going to stay in a Hall!!! Unfortunately she's in Sheares and I'm in Eusoff, but still! Awesome possum.

Really boring update on my life.

Faculty camp was ok.

Made new friends, got to see Eusoff Hall (future home!!) and got to see the uni world a little bit more.
(But everyone is judging me cause of the photos that are popping up on Facebook hahahahha. I swear I'm a victim of sabotage here guys!!!!)

Shall I do a separate blog post about faculty camp? Hmmm.. It wasn't the most interesting/best camp experience I've had, but it was okay :D

Right! So life slipped into this monotonous drone the second I got home (can you tell from the way I am writing this post? I feel like falling asleep reading my own writing).

Honestly, I got depressed.

A little too sad and moody with everything. Literally EVERYTHING.

And I don't exactly know why, but I after thinking about my sudden moodiness today, I thought a minor part of my sadness could have stemmed from the fact that while at camp, I wasn't very happy, but I had to keep smiling cause it was a foreign environment.

And I kept being crazy and happy, and it's like the tension just stacked higher and higher...

But yeah, I've got to stop being so negative.

Tomorrow's the first RAG prac! Going to meet Elaine & friends before practice :)
Oh, and speaking to Elaine really cheered me up a lot today :D

I really miss my friends.

Saturday awaits.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Conclusion

Feeling so so so exhausted right now. It's been a long day.

But I can't sleep yet because I have to pack for faculty camp and I'm not free at all tomorrow ahhhhhh

I need to sleep so badly.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


We were all happier then.
Were we?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Two Days of Fun :D

Cinyi whatsapped us about having a sleepover one fine day.

It was extremely out of the blue (in fact, I think it was in the middle of Jac telling us that her driving instructor is ultra cute looked like the guy on Channel U) but we all agreed to the idea immediately anyway :D

(Well actually I didn't reply, they just assumed I agreed. As usual.) HEHE.

AND SO! It was planned for us to have a sleepover at Peishan's house on the 6th of June, Wednesday! We'd watch movies, eat popcorn, play with Beanie, talk about university, eat some more, watch another movie, chat till the wee hours of Thursday morning :D 


We met at 6:30PM on Wednesday evening to buy dinner and rent movies. And I was late... again. I have got to stop this bad habit, the rest are starting to exclude me from secrets cause I always come late!! T_____T

We rented Hello Stranger, In Time and Thor! :D And we decided to have honey stars instead of popcorn hehehehe so original right, the cinemas should learn from us and serve cereal!!!

Beanie was tired. She was just going in circles under our chairs as we had dinner xD



Finally, full family photo ^^
Clockwise (from me): Cheryl, Cinyi, Charis, Jacquelyn, Peishan, Cindy!

We pulled mattresses from anywhere we could find (Peishan was just lounging on the sofa while we overturned her house) and dumped them in front of the TV in the living room!! :D Here is Charis rolling around on the mattresses:


Peishan asking us to pass her the remote HAHA

Cinyi and Charis trying to plug in the DVD player. (Where is Peishan?)

Poor Charis xD

Hello Stranger was alright. It was really pretty funny at certain parts, but we got bored at many other parts ("omg how long already where is the climax of the story??" or "why the guy so indecisive??? faster leh!!! pick the main girl!!" or the most epic of all: "I DON'T UNDERSTAND, SO WHAT ARE THEIR NAMES??" as quoted from a very blur Charis when the movie ended hahahaah!) and Jac was saying she will never trust her friend again for telling her the movie is a must-watch. She disliked it the most out of all of us hahaha!

And the sleepover was didn't go as planned at all -_-

In the end I ate most of the honey stars alone, Peishan went to sleep like at 12+ (so much earlier than my usual bedtime!!!!), Charis followed soon after (more like she went to hide in the bedroom and text J)! And I very determined-ly put in the next movie cause WHO SLEEPS AT A SLEEPOVER???????

But in the end Jac fell asleep halfway through also, so only left Cinyi and I watching the movie and eating honey stars -_-

We are the survivors.

But it was quite funny staying awake with Cinyi xD
We were seriously determined not to fall asleep so early, so we started chatting about anything and everything.

Then we got onto the topic of losing weight!!
And we started sharing exercising tips HAHAHAHAH AND IT WAS SO FREAKING FUNNY FROM THEN ONWARDS!

At 3AM, we did 30 crunches, 2 minutes of the bicycle-motion thingy, tried doing the cycling motion backwards but we just woke Jac up with our insane laughter!! Then 1 minute of some super super unglam leg exercise and then Cinyi had leg cramp or something SOOO FUNNY I SWEAR

And when she told me her weight secretly (well, it's supposed to be top-secret), we were saying that Jac, who was the only one sleeping with us in the living room, might overhear despite being 'sound asleep'. And when we questioned her the next day, SHE REALLY HEARD IT EH!

The two of us finally fell asleep at 4+ :D


I never knew there were football club bedsheets!!
(CPS' brother's. Yes we unabashedly used his room, but CPS said it's okay :O)

Me and CPS slacking!
The room was so stuffy, thank god I chose to stay in the living room (less hot).

Giving the "I-just-woke-up" blur face haha!


So that was the end of our sleepover!

But it wasn't the end of the day yet!! Cause we had a meeting with the usual buncha people to have lunch at Carnivore! ^^

So Jac, Charis, Cinyi and I left to meet Jared & Aaron at Vivo! It was a pretty cool experience (although they lied to me about how we were going to order anyway, something about green and red cue cards SIGH) and Jac was upset the meat-guys didn't come to our table enough.

AND one of the meat-carrying guys was too funny; he was going around all the tables diligently saying "Ham? Honey ham? Ham?" to EVERY SINGLE PERSON when the other meat-carrying guys were just showing the skewers to the customers without saying much.

After awhile Jac started imitating him and going "Ham? Ham?" HAHAHA

Looks like our waiter xD

Look at Jac! xD

Oooooo. But chao da on the outside wan!! :(

Idk if he was posing... hmm....

Ham? Ham?

This evil roast-beef-carrying dude skipped my plate! :( Yes I'm still hurt by this hours after lunch.

BACON. I asked for one on my plate, but I didn't touch it. 

(look at the fats on the bacon)

We went to shop a bit, but we got bored. So we decided to go to Sentosa! :D Super impromtu!

And we got bored at Sentosa very quickly so we came back so.... -_- never be impromtu kids. It waill waste $3.

That used to be my house!!! Such an awesome location. I'm sad it's no longer my house anymore :(
Stupid Bay Hotel.

We told Aaron to take a pic for us and........ -_-

It says "POO" right there.


Anyway we finally got a pic of OURSELVES at the colouful fountains hahahaha

Can't think of a nice caption for this, so I will stick to "It was so bloody sunny."

IT WAS A HAPPY DAY! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

We came back to Vivo for dinner with the Peishan, and after that Jac Cinyi Peishan and I went to shop somemore. Got a new pair of jeans wheeeeeeee.


Goodnight people!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Js' Birthday Party (finally!)

Last Saturday was Jian Sheng's 19th Birthday Party!! Finally. Haha!

It was pushed back by a week cause the poor boy got duty/confinement/nobody wanted to replace him or SOMETHING in OCS so the original party two weeks ago became Kian Tiong's, cause only he managed to book out. Tee hee.

Moral of the story, NS can screw up plans and we can't do anything about it. Ah well.

I went to SDE's Admission Day in the early afternoon before meeting at the rest though. Initially, I was quite apprehensive... I had no one I knew in SDE!!! :( Thus began the long and lonely journey to NUS. 

BUT in a brilliant turn of events, a made (not one, but TWO) friends pretty quickly!! :D
I was on 96 from Clementi interchange to SDE when a girl, nervously clutching the SDE Admission Day letter (as was I) came up to me and asked if I was going to SDE and if I knew which stop we had to alight. 

Turns out she (Charmaine) is from PFM as well!!! Met a new coursemate on the bus, how lucky am I!!! :D

And so, armed with an accomplice and newfound friendship, we went to registration. The SDE seniors were amazingly chipper and high. They kind of remind me of my crazy self when I was greeting the JC1s on their first day at AJC. It was cool.

And then we bumped into her JC mate while queueing at the counter!! And in another stroke of good luck, she (Elizabeth) is in PFM too!! Second coursemate! It was a great start to the day.

I vaguely register one of the student reps to be extremmmmmely cheerful and (dare I say it) bimbotic even :O But in a good way! It was quite entertaining. Signed up for both the Faculty Camp and Rag Day (cheerleading time, woohoo!) without batting an eyelid and this concludes my eventful and optimistic 'first day' as an SDE freshman. :D

Met the rest for grocery shopping at Vivo (none of them know how to pick vegetables!!) and then it was Teppanyaki/Steamboat time! :D

Poor Choco was caged in the whole time cause Peishan is absolutely terrified of dogs. Poor girl literally jumped up to the closest chair available when Choco managed to 'escape' from his pen!! So no pics of Choco; he was whimpering in his secluded area the whole night :X

Most of the Teppanyaki-ed stuff was still raw :X 

It was still very fun though!! ^^

See the chicken wing? 
Chao da on the outside, still cold and slimy on the inside :X Haha! We gave up on the wings after awhile xD

Btw the Sundown shirt is freaking nice!!! Featuring Lawrence and a rare smile.

Val was feeding me the whole time *too lazy to grab food*

Hot favourite

Vii (whose furniture got destroyed!!) and birthday boy in the background!!!

Finally moved on to STEAMBOAT!! At least we can be sure the food will be cooked :O Haha!

We just threw all the leftovers into the steamboat and let it allllllll cook.

Leftover dessert (chocolate fondue)

Happy belated birthday JS!! ^^

It was a great gathering (as always!), I mainly just sat and waited to be fed ate and listened to the HILARIOUS stories the boys brought back from army xD More stories!! Thank god there were no ghost stories, just a lot of silly punishments and mishaps hehehe. Kian Tiong is still in field camp, and Val was pulling her hair out worrying for his safety while listening to all the field camp recounts haha!

Oh and, we also sat through the comical story of how Kaileun was knocked by a car!! Then he lay on the road yelling, thinking he had died o_o HAHAHA oh god I'm starting to laugh again xD

While I listened to their chatter over dinner, I also kinda started to notice the subtle differences in our NS boys.

Yenn Shen seems to have become more outspoken and comfortable. I remember my conversations with him were always short cause he never had much to say to me, but he's more open now I think.

Jian Sheng is more vulgar than ever before xD But he carries a certain independence/serious aura with him now, more so then the times when he was just fun-loving and active.

Darryl is more mellow, and seems more reserved too. I think it's a combination of maturity and serious-ness. He's kinda like a full-fledged adult! ^^

Kaileun is.... just Kaileun hahaha! He's as bimbo as ever I swear hehe but in a good way!! Still friendly, still happy, still the same Kaileun. But I think he is more like a 男人 now (heng ah) HAHAHA cause he's a little more chivalrous than his younger self now xD (Don't prove me wrong ah, KL.)

Then we have our hyperactive boys, Lawrence and Waichong, who have yet to enlist. And when they enter NS, who knows what subtle differences will occur.

So I guess... the changes are starting to show already.

But truthfully, I'm immensely grateful we're all still the same silly kids we were when we are together. :)
It's a great feeling, having a familiar bunch of faces to go back to when you know you have to venture out to see the rest of the world soon. It's comforting. Thank you, Tubbers ^^

You are all very special to me :)


I'm gonna get pretty busy soon I think! After signing up for Rag Day, they told us we'll be having many preps. Since Rag Day is in August (10 Aug, was it?), and Faculty Camp is 21 - 24 June, that means for pretty much the entire month of July, I'll be preparing for Rag Day!

Hope it will be a blast! :D

After the eventful Admission Day last Saturday, I'm kinda, kinda, looking forward to uni life :)