Friday, June 29, 2012

Interesting turn of events!

I met (some) of my fellow Raggers today! :D

I was late (I thought it started at 2.30 instead of 2 fml) and when I got there I missed the warm ups. Hence the slight muscle aches now hehe.

We tried the hip hop and the contemporary, and it was during the latter that I GOT KICKED IN THE HEAD BY ELAINE.

You owe me!!!!!!!!

The hip hop was actually ok, pretty easy and somewhat fun (although a little confusing?). We kept doing body isolation practices, and I feel like my hips have been dislocated HAHA well ok it wasn't that bad, but you get the idea!

And after contemporary dance, I have come to the conclusion that I'm about as graceful as a dying elephant.

SO! Hip hop it is!!! (We get to pick which we want).

Unfortunately there was no cheer practice today :(
I miss cheer!! Even wore my cheerleading shirt in honour of my excitement but mehhhhh. Nevermind, next week then (hopefully??)

After dance prac (and 15 mins of wacko), I got hungry. What's new.

Went around asking everyone if they wanted to nomz with me, and amazingly all my new friends said ok!!! :D :D :D Well, most of them. Some went home, but I was SO HAPPY hahahahaha!
Not entirely sure if it's cause I got to eat or cause I made new friends. I MADE NEW FRIENDS! :D

Had some awesome dinner at a korean restaurant at U-Town, I think it was called hwang's (isn't that a Chinese name). But FOOD WAS GREAT and people were the bombzzzzzzz. We declared Simin and Megan as purple-lights, and made Charlene speak German hehehe so cool I have a Eurasian friend now! Be jealous people!! xD

PLUS PLUS PLUS! Charlene lives RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from me!!!! Admiralty buddy ftw!! And on the way home, as we talked, I suddenly realized that I've actually seen Charlene before!

In J1 and J2, I had to take the super early train to school. I was at the front of the platform, where the head of the train would be, and I always, always vaguely registered this ang moh girl in RJ uniform, book in hand, a couple of doors down.
It was easy to notice her cause, well, she looks caucasian, and her uniform reminded me of my secondary school uniform.


HAHA the world is so small.

I must take a picture with her and post it soon hehe!

So that concludes my Rag Day One! :D It was fun, and next practice is MONDAY whoop whoop! :D :D

Elaine and I after dinner :D
This girl was in AJC with me, is in SDE now as well, stays at Woodlands, is in RAG, and is also going to stay in a Hall!!! Unfortunately she's in Sheares and I'm in Eusoff, but still! Awesome possum.

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