Friday, June 1, 2012

Mission: Macaron with the Swift Swallows!

Even though we've been mad about baking since lower Sec (especially so for aspiring bakers Vii & Val), it never occurred to me that not once have I ever baked at Vii's house :O

Which is odd, considering how often she invites us over, and how often she bakes.

But today, I finally did!! :D And it wasn't just me, it was all four of us Swift Swallows! :D :D :D
(story of ridiculous clique name another day, if you don't already know o_o hehe)

-insert Swift Swallow clique photo-

BY THE WAY I can't find any of our group photos WHAT IS THIS GAIZ, we need a group photo!!  Why don't we have one?? D:

The original plan was to meet at 10.30AM, swim (or gym)/hot tub/sauna then bake. But I had to meet them later cause I have NUS applications to fill and hostel documents to submit (so stressful I swear, pls pray I get into the Hall I prefer plsplspls).

Met them at 1.30PM instead, and they didn't do any of the above-mentioned activities. Apparently they stayed in Vii's room to 'chat about life and stuff' HAHA I smell laziness, do you? xD

(I lied. We watched MVs and played with my ukulele and Vii's guitar for awhile before beginning.)

Val and I started by separating the egg yolks from the egg whites. We used 10 eggs in total hahaha (omg all that protein ._.) while Vii and Bren weighed the sugar & started on the meringue! *feels like a pro chef for using Vii's chim cooking terms* Thank you thank you.

Beating the egg whites so they become all nice and fluffy!

Pouring hot syrup into the egg whites. Meringue time!

After that my hands got really covered in egg white/powdered sugar/ground almond/all sorts of random raw ingredients so NO PICTURES boohoo. Until I got my hands clean :D [/lame]

Piped our macaron shells! Attempt #1! Not bad la, at least you can tell they are circular :D

Val piping! It was so difficult :/
Damn thing refuses to stay circular. A lot of our shells ended up looking like 0 instead of O

We had a short lunch break in between because we were all just to hungry to focus. If Vii still refused to feed us I think we'd have eaten the macaron batter raw!! She is a slave driver I tell you. I would sue her if she didn't make so much yummy food for me. 

Val chopping up the best kind of food (even better than macarons) - MUSHROOMS!! :D

Vii cooked spaghetti vongole for us. YOU SEE. I have no choice but to forgive her!!!

CAN YOU SMELL THE YUMMY FRAGRANCE?? I can smell it from the picture!

MasterChef Cheung!! Mad love!
(Although,  I still say: don't go to cooking school (yet) ah!!! If you become homeless next time I'm not going to cook spaghetti vongole for you.)

Look mommy, I canz cook too!

 What I had for lunch today :)

After the heavenly lunch (and second servings), we braved on!!! After a while, piping the macaron shells seriously got tiring. Kinda know why good macarons are so expensive now. *nods head wisely*

Please forgive the irregularly-shaped macaron shells in the corner.

Vii is happy with her pretty macaron shells! ^^

Twin's macaron shells (and my ukulele hahahah random). We both have pink stuff now hehe

Aren't they marvellous!!!!!! :D :D They are still empty in this pic though, we hadn't made the cream filling then.

Failed batch of macarons.

Confession: We only made pink and purple macarons.
The brown ones are actually already burned wtf. HAHAHA but the chao da smell wasn't very strong on the 'selected' few, so we just pretended we made brown macarons too hehehe shhhhhh secret. 

And so, with all the shells baked and ready, we proceeded to make the filling!! :D Our buttercream was extremely screwed so we moved on to cream cheese filling. Which, in all honestly, was a little bit odd, but it kinda reminded me so sea salt caramel so I still like it HEHE. Sea salt caramel = best macaron flavour ever! :D

Vii's kitchen probably used to be a chemistry lab.

Making the cream cheese filling. Everyone's worried cause the buttercream was epic fail.

And the machine went "whrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" ~~

Turning the cream cheese pink! :D

My (empty) babies, waiting for their turn.

We used strawberry jam too! It was very very very satisfying.

Tapau home to share with our families ^^

It was a very fun day :) I missed hanging out with my swallows. We used to crash Tiong Plaza/Val's house/Vii's house after school almost everyday. In lower sec, we were particularly fond of slacking in Vii's room and getting scolded by her (ex)maid (??!) for almost everything under the sun. But we still went anyway hahahah. Good times, good times.

I'm very happy I have them :)

Don't worry Choco, we were all crazy exhausted at the end too. You're not alone.

Thank you for being in my life, Val Vii & Bren. You're all so important to me, and.. I can't explain it. I'm just so so so happy and blessed to have you guys hehe. 

Gotta thank Mr Lim for giving us our ridiculous clique name xD 

I think it's silliness really sums us up, don't you think so too?

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