Friday, June 29, 2012

Really boring update on my life.

Faculty camp was ok.

Made new friends, got to see Eusoff Hall (future home!!) and got to see the uni world a little bit more.
(But everyone is judging me cause of the photos that are popping up on Facebook hahahahha. I swear I'm a victim of sabotage here guys!!!!)

Shall I do a separate blog post about faculty camp? Hmmm.. It wasn't the most interesting/best camp experience I've had, but it was okay :D

Right! So life slipped into this monotonous drone the second I got home (can you tell from the way I am writing this post? I feel like falling asleep reading my own writing).

Honestly, I got depressed.

A little too sad and moody with everything. Literally EVERYTHING.

And I don't exactly know why, but I after thinking about my sudden moodiness today, I thought a minor part of my sadness could have stemmed from the fact that while at camp, I wasn't very happy, but I had to keep smiling cause it was a foreign environment.

And I kept being crazy and happy, and it's like the tension just stacked higher and higher...

But yeah, I've got to stop being so negative.

Tomorrow's the first RAG prac! Going to meet Elaine & friends before practice :)
Oh, and speaking to Elaine really cheered me up a lot today :D

I really miss my friends.

Saturday awaits.

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