Sunday, July 8, 2012

So excited for the coming week ahhhhh

I am excited for the coming week because...

1) We'll finally finally finally start doing cheer routines during Rag practices! :D

2) Health-checkup on the 9th, which honestly isn't something to be "excited" about, but I'll be meeting the BFF and the TT Girls (who are in NUS) so, yay!!

3) Street jazz on Tuesday!!!!!! Cinyi and I missed last week's practice cause we were too late :( Shucks. Never mind! More to come this week!!

4) MY BIRTHDAY IS ON FRIDAY and this reason alone is enough to justify why the coming week is the best week of the year hahahahhahahaha

5) Meeting the Tubs on Saturday, probably Sentosa, getting burnt (I'm tanned enough after camp as it is T_T). Side note, why is it that all my birthdays with my GESS friends are usually held at Sentosa? Well, I can only remember the Sentosa birthday celebrations.. (but I digress) I LOVE MY FRIENDS <3

6) More celebrations perhaps....? *hopeful*
My frigging busy sis even texted me today and asked me out for dinner/supper so I'm keeping my hopes up. Wooo.

7) I really am too freaking busy for my own good, but I really want to blog about the birthday celebrations I had (major thanks and gratitude to my OG!!) and am going to haaaaaaave!

I AM ONLY A FRESHMAN NINETEEN ONCE! (Sorry, too much Rag practices).

I don't think there's much I can reflect on maybe be less naive..? about the past year...
Eighteen seriously sped by, because half of it was spent mugging for the A Levels, and the second half was spent working at iStudio!

Come to think of it, I've been given a lot more freedom and independence ever since I started working. Kinda like... being treated like an adult? Omg the thought is so scary I wanna be a kid forever!!!! T_____T

But well, I think I really learnt quite a bit about what responsibility and discipline is like outside a sheltered environment, and it's really quite daunting. Especially since I'm entering uni soon, and the idea that I am 99% in charge of planning my timetable and my modules and basically my future is (and this is putting it lightly)

S C A R Y .
A S .
H E L L.

*plays I'm A Survivor song*

Speaking of responsibility, I have to go do the laundry now. Mom's staying at Aunt Serene's place, looking after the twins, and left me in charge of the house (alone alone alone) so...

Yeeeeah not doing a very good job. Eeep.

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