Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spasm of cheerfulness! :D

I am like HOPPING around because I am so happy today IDK WHY (ok kidding, I do know why) and yay~ it's such a gooooood feeling being happy! :D

Seriously, I'm damn PMS, one day depressed next day deliriously high wtf.

Guess the heavens really like playing with my mood. But ok la, you give me happy moments I can already.

Woke up early in the morning to prepare for today's Rag prac!! Elaine kept asking me to bring "ukulele-san" hehehe and so I did! (wish I took pics!! Major regret!!)

Squeezed a fresh set of clothes into the uke bag, which is actually kinda embarrassing cause when Elaine opened the uke case to get ukulele-san out (a lot of times too), everyone could see my clothes squished inside the case hahahahha oops.

Practice was good todayyyyy~ cause I didn't have to do contemporary dance PHEW everyone heave a big sigh of relief here! You've been spared from my dying-elephant moves. We did some "fighting scene" which was choreographed to Jessie J's Do It Like A Dude, and I don't like that song but wow are we hella cool when we dance to it hehehehhe *thick skin*

But we had to literally THROW ourselves onto the floor on our knees and SLIDE so um, there is a huge purple welt on my left knee now...


But so worth it! The dance sounds so cool right!! :D:D:D:D:D
Please come watch SDE's RAG performance (open to public) on the 10th of August kthxily!!! <3

AJ Girls and NUS SDE Raggers!
Elaine, Peishi and I! :D


I went to meet my usuals after prac!!! :D
We agreed to watch DA AMAZING ANDREW GARFIELD but all the theatres were sold out so... no spiderman today :( sobz.

Anyway as I was rushing to Orchard to meet the rest, Cindy whatsapped me saying they were chilling at Macs and they spotted G-DRAGON there!!!

OMGBBQ WHAT where was the paparazzi!!!! And my 3G was being an ultimate bitch and lagging like insanity and I got super nervous (kan chiong more like) cause I couldn't see the photo they took!!


In the end...


That is Ben with Jac's new raspberry extensions in his hair. They wanted to recreate this GD look...


Make me half-run to Lucky Plaza for that. Hmph.

Jac let me play with her extensions, and while they went off to Far East to nomz first, I went to Paragon!! :D Haven't worked for like 129837123 days since the camps and Rag prac started, and even though I got quite tired of the place before, I seriously miss all the awesome people there :D

By the time I got to Far East, my pasta turned cold already, and the rest were desperately playing games to keep themselves from finishing their food before I arrived hehe awwwwww you guys are the sweetest <3 (let's just stick to that)

I then introduced them to the Most Likely game, and CONCLUSION is that:

I am the most likely to get attached first (I look that anyhow to you all?!),
Cindy is most likely to get scholarships in uni (as expected!),
Cinyi is the most likely to.... something. I CAN'T RMB HAHA OMGZ. Get... married first ? 0:D
Aaron is the most likely to leave Singapore (you don't like us??),
Jac is the most likely to be the best parent (HMMMMM hahaha!)
and BEN is the most likely to work in McDonald's, most likely to die first (lol wtf CHOI!), most likely to be a non-virgin (HAHA I'M SORRY), most likely to get STOMPed, and most likely to get arrested by the cops HAHAHAHA

This is such an awesome game to play if you wanna know how your friends think of you hehehehehe.

ANYWAY because I fell madly in love with the extensions Jac & Cinyi bought, I went to buy my own after dinnerrrrr!!!! :D

3 for $20, a little bit pricey, but I was literally jumping around after I got them!! :D
I now have two streaks of raspberry hair, and one platinum blonde. Wheeeeee.

Don't think you can see the blonde, but still!
Ben, Cindy, Aaron and myself after I got my extensions! :D :D :D
Jac went home already, and Cinyi wanted to watch her 9PM show.... D:

And thus!
It's been a gooooooood day! :D

I'm damn sleepy now. Hahaha but happy! *does happy dance*

Meeting the BFF/soul sister tomorrow for our second street jazz class! Yes I'm taking street jazz classes now!! Awesome or not hehe.

Come to think of it, I have Rag dance prac today (Monday), Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And tomorrow (Tuesday), I have street jazz.

Dance five times a week? #hellyes.

Life FTW! :D

1. I must remember to blog about Cinyi's birthday celebration soon soon soon!!
2. And I am broke so I really have GOT to STOP spending so much money. C'mon brain, you need to save $$$$! I am poor right now I am poor right now I am poor right now

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