Saturday, September 29, 2012


When I chose to withdraw from Dance Productions and concentrate on cheer I thought I was finally, finally, over and done with my indecisiveness. I'd spent countless stressful, awful, days deciding between my two interests, and it wasn't easy. I was so into cheer since JC, but on the other hand DP is after all, the "pinnacle of dance" in Hall.

But their schedules clashed (clashed VERY BADLY in fact), and I had to chose.

So withdraw I did, and I did it fast. Why elongate the agony, right?

But now, I miss dance, and I'm regretting my withdrawal D:

That being said, I don't regret staying in Alpha because I still love it :D Plus!! I have my bimbo there with me; she makes everything in uni seem more bearable. If I had left Alpha then, I wouldn't get to know my bimbz the way I do now :D

I wish I had more time to commit to what I like doing. 

I haven't been able to join all the sports I want to in hall because - again - I'm sure they will all clash and jumble into a huge, terrible mess sometime in future, and I'll just be getting myself into a lot of crap.


I wish I could manage my time better.
Then, I could probably stop being such a paranoid worrywart and trust myself to do well in whatever I wanted to try. Including my studies.

Ah but I don't have the luxury.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Three years ago I was struggling quiteee a bit with my CCA.

Training was tough, my O Levels were nearing, and I simply lost interest after four years of playing the same sport, the same game. So in JC, I wasn't so keen on taking it up as my CCA again, and it didn't help that the way the team was run didn't rub well with me then. So I stopped, and for two years, I hardly touched my table tennis bat.

But I really missed table tennis quite a lot; so when IFG was announced, I just went for it even though I felt my lackluster skills must definitely have deteriorated further (if that was even possible).

Heh heh.

Quite glad I remained in SDE TT :D Our team is like a patchwork of quilt; vastly different personalities, opposite characteristics, and the occasional common qualities (like being perverts, ahem). It was quite fun hanging out with them, a kind of 'hey-lets-chill-together' feeling :) I think we bonded exceedingly quickly - which is a good thing, given SDE is such a small faculty and the friends we could make was limited to a handful.

I was bullied frequently. Hmph.

By some stroke of good luck, we drew lots and ended up in Group A.
Group B was the killer group; Biz, Medicine and FASS were all lumped there. We only had to deal with Engin (last year's table tennis IFG champion), and perhaps even Science.

And I guess luck was still on our side, because (whether by skills or luck alone), we actually won Engin. A 3 - 2 victory, but it was victory nonetheless :D And our first one too!! We won USP next, and our match with Dentistry ended in a walkover cause only two dentists turned up hehehe.

Science was the underdog this year; they won every faculty, even the favourites (gasp) FASS, and ended up tops!

We lost to them in our group's round robin, and then lost to FASS in the semi-finals - and then suddenly we had to play against Medicine for 3rd place; the last medal we could hope to win. What's more, SDE hasn't won a single medal in any other sport - and we so desperately wanted to win something tangible for our faculty.

Our bats, hours before our match for 3rd place.

It was pretty intense and we were guessing and re-guessing Medicine's line-up (crucial to victory ok) the whole night through. Apparently Medicine faced difficulties too, because one of their players had to leave early, while one of ours could only make it just slightly after the matches began. Captain Val got stressed, and pervert TM Peter had to step in... but it turned out ok in the end :D

Peter's famous squat-serve. Squat damn low pls!!

In the end...





SDE's first IFG 2012 medal goes to table tennis, thank you, thank you!! ^^
For once, bronze felt better than gold, because we were all worried we would end up 4th. Worrying is a terrible feeling.

Captain and Vice Captain, and our shiny new medals at the Closing Ceremony!! :D


We went to have yummy pizza dinner at Utown afterwards :) We were all crazy with hunger and joy seriously. Of course, the food was superrrr!!! Except this Salted Fish Pizza thing Kenny ordered. Omg that thing was made to troll people; it's not edible ok.

Finished with the Pizzas! But why does Devon look to be in pain?

Poor kid lost Zhong Ji Mi Ma, so he had to finish the Salted Fish Pizza!!!!
Trust me when I say that thing is not edible. Teehee.

Oh and, say hello to my new bear!! :D

Mega cute!! It's even wearing a teeny SDE IFG shirt hehe!
To be honest I thought Medicine and Biz had the nicest IFG shirts (maroon/gold and red/yellow respectively) and while ours wasn't the worst, it also wasn't anything spectacular.

But I feel a lot of pride when I wear my SDE IFG shirt.

My team wears it too :D

Friday, September 7, 2012

Chapter 1: Uni Life Thus Far!

Haven't been blogging in a million months!!

My entrée into university life has been insanely packed.

6 weeks worth of Rag practices (omgimissrag!) and camps and Hall activities all went by in a frenzied, but insanely exciting and entertaining, blur.

I have sooooo many things I wanna blog about, simply because I think I just went through one of the best phases in my life xD

Rag practices, Rag day itself, cheerleading, goofing around with my friends in lectures and in between classes, and just generally having fun and enjoying life whenever I could... It seems almost demeaning to call this the beginnings of my university life; but it is, and I'm super grateful/relieved/ecstatic that it is so :D :D :D

(Admittedly, I still haven't 100% completed my Drama and Soci readings, but aiya.)


Oh gosh, where do I start?

I remember I was late for my very first practice, because I misread the email and thought it started at 2.30PM (it was actually at 2). I blogged about it when I got home that night.

(I had also occasionally, sporadically blogged snippets about Rag)

It was a great start to rag :D

Slowly, I started to know more people, and make more friends! The seniors were initially very very concerned that we would only make friends with people in our own "tribes" and exclude the rest. But it was a needless worry :)

We had dinners almost every other night (Oh yes. I became very broke); Ameen, Fong Seng, Hawker Centres, Chilli crabs (TWICE!), Fast food..... You name it, we've had it. Hahaha! Of course, the entire Rag dance team never had dinner together, but I still say we did a pretty fine job at bonding xD

Them celebrating my birthday during lunch!!! This was on the 2nd or 3rd week of practice. I WAS SO TOUCHED I TELL YOU!!!!!

Bonfire on my cake-of-love :)

Chilli Crab at famous restaurant! 

Trainings were intense, but at certain points we were just plain silly xD
Here is AWKWARD BALLOON!!! (We had a bunch of "awkward" actions, and everyone was assigned an animal too!!! I was a rabbit. Haha!)

Disturbing Wu Shuang became part of our routine - even when she's asleep xD

We stuffed people into the boot of Joseph's car, and got stuffed in as well (life's fair xD)

But we trained hard too!! This is Steven doing squats with Chark on his shoulders! ^^ 
(Meanwhile, she is doing "pull-ups" xD)

B-toss pike! :D Ok la, never really point toes. But it's an effort right?? xD

I remember as the trainings went on, my ability to stunt properly went, strangely, downhill.
Couldn't ride the pops very high, couldn't plank when I came down, couldn't pull a liberty on extension steadily, couldn't stand fast enough for the toss, couldn't be consistent with my stunting. 

This was taken two days before Rag Day, and I was performing terribly. I sobbed like the hysterical mess I was when I couldn't keep my pike consistently good. It was a bad day.
A few days before this, I'd hit the mat head-first from a b-toss because I didn't fly straight, and my bases were too mentally tired to move fast enough to find me. I think it was cause we all just came back from Hall Camps then, and we were just.... drained.

It put a weird mental block in my mind; I actually got scared when I had to practice. A quiet fear would grip at my chest and I had considered telling Victoria (cheer IC) that I couldn't do the b-toss.

Retrospectively, though, I'm glad I didn't :D B-toss on the day itself wasn't the most correct of all b-toss pikes, but (was it the high?) I really felt as though I was flying :)

Simin and Megan doing shoulder stands with Sean and CY (well it looks like CY)! :D

We didn't just dance/cheer too!! We had to help build our KICKASS float* :3 This is me, and my awesome cladding, thank you thank you!!! :D :D :D :D :D
(* kickass float which was awarded a bronze and a silver tyvm!!)

And we got so exhausted, we could literally sleep anywhere (even on our stage props haha!)
That's Cuddles the Bulldog posing with Gyarados, who suddenly opened her eyes when I pressed the shutter #shockofmylife

 We are from SDE, we shall not be moved!

Bad tribe ladies :3
Hello, we are demure much xD

Zhuo Yi is damn good with a camera I tell you.

And then it was Rag Day.

10 August 2012

This became the bad tribe trademark cheer, to remind ourselves to be strong and to yell as loud as we can during our scene xD Jolene looks positively wicked.

Had like 4 or 5 popsicles in the span of a few hours!! #unhealthy 
And yes, this is my face-makeup. How? Scary right!! xD Glitter spam!

Joseph, Desmond and Kelmen, my awesome awesome awesome bases + spots yay!!!
Thank you three for not giving up on me when I was struggling so badly those few insane, precious days before rag :)

After-performance high.
Sde :)

It has been an amazing journey :)

Thank you, amazing people of SDE :)
Thank you for the fun we had, the stress we handled, the memories of being together as a team.

Thank you, every single one of you (from Charlene, the first person I spoke to on Day 1, to Jun Kai, who joined us two weeks from Rag Day) thank you for being part of me. My SDE family. 
The team I gave my holidays to; the team I sacrificed sleep for; the team I struggled for and succeeded with; the team I'd gladly do everything and anything for, all over again.

Thank you.


University life really kicked in the Monday after Rag Day.

It was around then that I really understood what the seniors meant when they said "Join Rag for the friends you'll make and the seniors you'll meet".

Holy crap man, friends and seniors are pretty damn important in university I can give you that.

It's not just about having companionship or seeing familiar faces at school (of course, those two are very big plus points), but because there's a 80% chance you're alone when you enter SDE (in other words, some people in your sec sch/JC clique might not even know where SDE is), Rag really helps you make like-minded friends - fast.

I go around school with my PFM Raggers now, and we planned our timetables together :) I think if I hadn't met these bunch of awesome people at Rag, I wouldn't enjoy Uni - what with it's fast-paced lectures, mountains of homework and readings and all - as much as I do now. It really really helps to meet friends at Rag. I don't think I'll ever be able to explain enough just how significant it is.

And knowing seniors: it helps too.
In university, it's like you've just stepped into a mini "welcome-to-the-real-world-darling" party. Having connections will be insanely advantageous. You get? ;)
(Especially so in Architecture and Industrial Design, I heard.)

Me, knocked-out during Stats lecture.
Btw, FOS has soooo much nicer LTs as compared to homeground (SDE). Where is the justice!!! xD

To make school more interesting, us PFM Raggers are doing Fashion Fridays now xD
Every Friday, we will dress according to a theme. Right now we've only covered colours, but it's cause we wanna start slow hehehe. Gonna theme all the way to Year 4!!!! #ambitious

That was Week 1's YELLOW!

Week 2: PINK FRIDAY anyone?

Woke up earlier to style my hair for Pink Friday. Faux cornrow twists!! Inspired by Megan aka megspicy, she who shaved a small section of her head :D Stylo milo pls. Hehe!

With my Sociology babes Joyce Bimbz and Mewmewz (walao everyone PS, go do general bio). 
Chun Yang posing like-a-scene-1 at the back haha!!

Week 3, and we're down with the Blues!
We met Lionel on our way to the bus stop and he was wearing blue too!!! Hence, customary picture.

Themes are the best xD

Obligatory taken-by-Kellie girl group shot! :D

Outfit of the day!
My blue long-sleeved how nice??!


Goofing around a lot hahaha! Me, Chelsia, Joyce and Xiaomei.
Xiaomei's unglam is on a whole new level man, even when the rest of us also look mutated, hers is just......

Most adorable squirrels around pls. Haha!


As you can see, I'm obviously having fun. Hahahaha. Choosing NUS was actually a very good decision :) For the second time, I'm really damn happy with my choice (first was when I went to GESS). Ahhhhh. On a mission to collect NUS shirts now. HAHA!

Speaking of NUS shirts, I'm playing table-tennis for my faculty (SDE!) for the upcoming INTER-FACULTY GAMES!!! The #BFF is playing for Biz school, but we are in different groups in the first round, HENG AH. Pray that both Biz and SDE will enter Semis, and Finals, ok??? :D (Yes, I'm ignoring the fact that FASS is pretty damn good).

In other news!!!
I decided to try for Alpha Verve instead of Dance Blast!! To be honest, I think I dance better than I stunt, but but but. I feel a lot happier doing cheer (wow for once I am decisive leh).

Still learning a lot, and trying to clean up whatever clumsy skills I managed to pick up during Rag. Ahhhhhhh can't wait can't wait! I really like my Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! :D It's probably the only thing I look forward to when I'm having a rough day. I just have to think "there's cheer later/tomorrow" and everything will be better. Hahaha!

At the Alpha freshies' welcome chalet! Abel and I trying partner stunts hahaha!
Oh, we are (or rather, I am) such newbies, it's really quite embarrassing but so fun ahahahaha


Anyway we have these 'super seniors' in Alpha (Biyi and Nigel!) who are like MEGA awesome, but they lied and said they were freshies when we first met them!!! And we all believed them!!!!! D:

Biyi still pretend-pretend wobble on elevator on the first day, then on the second day of Alpha Orientation, out of NOWHERE Biyi and Nigel started doing kickass stunts and all of us R E A L freshies were like, :OOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've been had!

Trying out a baby pyramid hehehehehehe I how strong >:D



In other, other news!

Eusoff Hall has been ok :D Currently having conflicting feelings about stuff but I'll sort it out soon.
I have to be more decisive.

I am actually feeling excited for IHG.

Brought Hippo to Eusoff with me :)

Redecorated my wall with the quote I love and want to live by :D

Just last night, my block level mates (Elizabeth and Joyce) knocked on my door to pass me food.
I had been complaining about my starving tummy because I just got back from cheer practice and I was too lazy to go to the kitchenette downstairs to cook my noodles xD

So they came to me with food :3

AWWWW I'm so touched I tell you :')
I love you D3 girls!!!!!

And that's how uni life has been thus far!!! :D

Oh yes. I completed runNUS Fun Run last Sunday, which means I finally ran 5km hahaha! I've never ran up till 5k before, but it felt good! Was with Megan, Gabz and a new friend Yi Shuang! I'm also the assistant Year Rep for our PFM cohort now (after a needlessly dramatic Facebook voting thing lol awkward much).

I managed to finish my stats tutorial today at SDE2 with CY, and I'm feeling pretty damn good about it HAHA which is why I finally allowed myself to blog!!!! xD Hope I'll be able to keep this up!!!

Especially since Hall activities are just about to start for real.. :)

Wish me luck people!!!!
And pray I make the right decision, and stick to it.