Saturday, September 29, 2012


When I chose to withdraw from Dance Productions and concentrate on cheer I thought I was finally, finally, over and done with my indecisiveness. I'd spent countless stressful, awful, days deciding between my two interests, and it wasn't easy. I was so into cheer since JC, but on the other hand DP is after all, the "pinnacle of dance" in Hall.

But their schedules clashed (clashed VERY BADLY in fact), and I had to chose.

So withdraw I did, and I did it fast. Why elongate the agony, right?

But now, I miss dance, and I'm regretting my withdrawal D:

That being said, I don't regret staying in Alpha because I still love it :D Plus!! I have my bimbo there with me; she makes everything in uni seem more bearable. If I had left Alpha then, I wouldn't get to know my bimbz the way I do now :D

I wish I had more time to commit to what I like doing. 

I haven't been able to join all the sports I want to in hall because - again - I'm sure they will all clash and jumble into a huge, terrible mess sometime in future, and I'll just be getting myself into a lot of crap.


I wish I could manage my time better.
Then, I could probably stop being such a paranoid worrywart and trust myself to do well in whatever I wanted to try. Including my studies.

Ah but I don't have the luxury.

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