Monday, September 24, 2012


Three years ago I was struggling quiteee a bit with my CCA.

Training was tough, my O Levels were nearing, and I simply lost interest after four years of playing the same sport, the same game. So in JC, I wasn't so keen on taking it up as my CCA again, and it didn't help that the way the team was run didn't rub well with me then. So I stopped, and for two years, I hardly touched my table tennis bat.

But I really missed table tennis quite a lot; so when IFG was announced, I just went for it even though I felt my lackluster skills must definitely have deteriorated further (if that was even possible).

Heh heh.

Quite glad I remained in SDE TT :D Our team is like a patchwork of quilt; vastly different personalities, opposite characteristics, and the occasional common qualities (like being perverts, ahem). It was quite fun hanging out with them, a kind of 'hey-lets-chill-together' feeling :) I think we bonded exceedingly quickly - which is a good thing, given SDE is such a small faculty and the friends we could make was limited to a handful.

I was bullied frequently. Hmph.

By some stroke of good luck, we drew lots and ended up in Group A.
Group B was the killer group; Biz, Medicine and FASS were all lumped there. We only had to deal with Engin (last year's table tennis IFG champion), and perhaps even Science.

And I guess luck was still on our side, because (whether by skills or luck alone), we actually won Engin. A 3 - 2 victory, but it was victory nonetheless :D And our first one too!! We won USP next, and our match with Dentistry ended in a walkover cause only two dentists turned up hehehe.

Science was the underdog this year; they won every faculty, even the favourites (gasp) FASS, and ended up tops!

We lost to them in our group's round robin, and then lost to FASS in the semi-finals - and then suddenly we had to play against Medicine for 3rd place; the last medal we could hope to win. What's more, SDE hasn't won a single medal in any other sport - and we so desperately wanted to win something tangible for our faculty.

Our bats, hours before our match for 3rd place.

It was pretty intense and we were guessing and re-guessing Medicine's line-up (crucial to victory ok) the whole night through. Apparently Medicine faced difficulties too, because one of their players had to leave early, while one of ours could only make it just slightly after the matches began. Captain Val got stressed, and pervert TM Peter had to step in... but it turned out ok in the end :D

Peter's famous squat-serve. Squat damn low pls!!

In the end...





SDE's first IFG 2012 medal goes to table tennis, thank you, thank you!! ^^
For once, bronze felt better than gold, because we were all worried we would end up 4th. Worrying is a terrible feeling.

Captain and Vice Captain, and our shiny new medals at the Closing Ceremony!! :D


We went to have yummy pizza dinner at Utown afterwards :) We were all crazy with hunger and joy seriously. Of course, the food was superrrr!!! Except this Salted Fish Pizza thing Kenny ordered. Omg that thing was made to troll people; it's not edible ok.

Finished with the Pizzas! But why does Devon look to be in pain?

Poor kid lost Zhong Ji Mi Ma, so he had to finish the Salted Fish Pizza!!!!
Trust me when I say that thing is not edible. Teehee.

Oh and, say hello to my new bear!! :D

Mega cute!! It's even wearing a teeny SDE IFG shirt hehe!
To be honest I thought Medicine and Biz had the nicest IFG shirts (maroon/gold and red/yellow respectively) and while ours wasn't the worst, it also wasn't anything spectacular.

But I feel a lot of pride when I wear my SDE IFG shirt.

My team wears it too :D

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