Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm a busy girl, in a busy world~~

December is so packed!!

I've never actually had to need to plan my schedule a week in advance (ever since I stopped working in June that is), but now with cheer trainings to attend, table tennis to organize (JOYCE!!!) and floorball to TM, I'm really pressed for time.

And the annual Alpha Verve cheer camp is coming! I'm so excited!! :D

So if you need me, please book an appointment with my agent, wink wink. HAHA. [/self-important-moment]

Anyway, I've also went back to work at iStudio again, about once or twice a week. Very little, but I really overspent in the short week of absolute freedom I had after finals @_@

I blame it on Bugis and the wonders of Taobao.

Speaking of which I can't wait to get my hands on my Taobao buys, squee! (ASHLEY!!!!!!)


I really like working at iStudio during the Decemeber/Christmas season :)

It makes me really happy when I see parents bringing their kids in to choose an iPad mini (dammit rich people - but that's not the point here), or even better, when adults approach me and ask which iPad cover or accessory the grandpa/grandma of the family would like.

It really, really makes me very happy :')


Then during my breaks, when I exit Paragon, I see families with Christmas hats walking together down the street, or kids dragging their reluctant dads nearer to the big Christmas tree while their moms furiously fumble with their 12093811238 cameras to get a good shot... It's a little hilarious, but you hardly ever see these kinda things on a normal day in Orchard. Or anywhere, for that matter.

Usually it's just young adults decked out in the latest threads, but now when the happy smell of kindness is in the air, it's like happiness has finally gone out of hibernation and is taking over every corner of the world. Hahaha! Ok my description is a bit corny, but you get my drift :D


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Purple Undertones

Guess who has purple peek-a-boo undertones! :D

Dun dun dun..

I do!! :D

So Joyce and I went to Toni&Guy Essensuals at OC today to get our hair dyed hehe. Long story short, our stylist, Darren, was new but really patient and awesome!! :D

Me looking crazy

Had to bleach the parts I wanted purple first. My hair is kinda like ombre, but not really? He separated my hair into two layers, and didn't touch the upper layer. Then he did ombre purple on the lower half of the second layer of hair. But he did it in alternate sections, so it's kinda like highlights....?

Yes. That is the name of my hairstyle.

I have ombre purple peekaboo highlighted ends. With a strip of purple in my fringe. HAHA.

Well the main idea was just to make the purple as subdued as possible, so I didn't look like a purple-haired alien, but also to make it obvious enough to see. Poor stylist had to bear with my 920937861872531 requests and concerns ahaha.

Waiting for the bleach to eat up my hair colour

It's my first time bleaching my hairrrr! 


Looks a bit odd...

But it turned out ok in the end!! :)))

Joyce picked red highlights! Darren was MEGA patient, and even though they were closing soon (my hair took centuries to finish), he meticulously dyed Joyce's hair and was super careful with the highlighting! :D

8 highlights per side!

"Looks like some kind of Rag costume..." - Joyce

Pretty end-product! :)

The day started quite badly because I didn't get to run (blasted rain, gaah), and I had to miss floorball and alpha trainings to meet this appointment :( 
(I was feeling quite bad)

But... I guess it ended really well! :D
Looks like today isn't that bad after allllll hehe.

Side-note; I haven't eaten anything at all today except a mini Kitkat and a Taro Milk Tea. So right now, I am S T A R V I N G .

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Eusoff Sportsmen Bonding Session was held yesterday!

Although, the turnout rate was quite shocking; it was only about 30 or so participants out of a hall of 500+ people. It was unfortunate though, because the cooked food was really amazingly good (looks like the sportsmen in Eusoff are really uncover chefs!) and the BBQ was... well they paid a sum to the vendor, so calling it merely "good" would be doing injustice to the amount of money paid hahaha.

Well anyway, because there were so little of us, the whole affair was quite chill and easygoing. First thing my group did when they began the Missions on the Boardwalk was to buy McBreakfast :D Sportsmen get hungry y'know!!

Had to complete Missions in Giant Hypermart too, before we could begin buying ingredients for our cooking competition! The staff at Giant were nice enough to not shoo us out, given the amount of noise we made!! In return, we tried to clean up whatever mess we made as much as possible hehe.

Group 3! :D

Evan riding a bike in Giant :D

Then we returned to hall for the great cookout!
Group 3 cooking on C4!! :D

Making do with whatever we had

Bacon Alfredo! :D

Low Ann happy with the bacon :)

No pictures of the BBQ, cause I was too busy eating to snap pics. Hehe. But it was a crazy meat fest, with chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, pork, beef, chicken chop, turkey, satay, sausages....... it was INSANE the amount of meat they cooked! @_@ There was also a lone tray of cabbage leaves and I ate a lot of it because the meat was getting to me haha #fat 

Made new friends :D

SMC invited Dr William Tan to speak to us. Quite a few of my friends have heard him speak before so they said it was almost the same, and though I've heard of him before, I found his talk inspirational, still.   His right hand was pretty swollen - he said it was because of the medicine he had to take for his chemo - and it was quite both heartwarming and heart-wrenching to see him smile despite his condition. (Although, his talk added to the panic Joyce and I have for not having enough table tennis trainings during the holidays oh no).

Some seniors spoke to us too, about what IHG meant to them and Eusoff.

Most of us freshmen applied to Eusoff because we wanted to feel the IHG spirit, and it's quite scary realizing that IHG is starting in just 20+ days time. To be honest, I don't think many of us are ready, and I don't know what the rest of December will bring. As of now, I'm insanely packed for the whole month already. Don't know if this is a good or bad thing :\

Come IHG Week 1, I really really hope we can do Eusoff proud again.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Eusoff, Semester 1

Currently settled comfortably in my happy swivel chair, blasting music and feeling at hoooooome!

Dammit I need to unpack.

So Eusoff made us move out (yes, MADE US) for the vacation, even though it really is kinda pointless, seeing as how we all have to go back to NUS almost everyday for IHG and IVP trainings. Them Eusoff leaders are real businessmen.

Well, all is ok. I do miss home quite a lot! For some reason staying at home alone is just more comforting than staying in hall alone. Gets kinda lonely when your hall neighbours are out (or maybe I'm too sensitive HEHE), and I'm surrounded with food at home.

Ah, but I miss my hall mates already :( Especially the D3 girls!! And the amount of madness and fun we find ourselves in :D Next sem awaits us!!! Btw gaiz, there was a lizard in my room today, as I was moving out T_T fml. Joyce, you're not alone in this anymore. MISS YOU GIRLS.

Truth be told, Eusoff Hall has been amazing :)
Despite the forever-dusty venetian blinds, the endless lizard-wars, the trainings and late nights, Hall life has been simply a m a z i n g.

Decorated D3 for Halloween!

With my awesome Hannah!!!

Epic Joyce (Y)

Having a D3 picnic one very random night in Elizabeth's room! Complete with flowers, uke and hot drinks :D

D block Halloween-boothing during Eusoff Formal Dinner

Love this photo so much haha!

First time going to Zouk with the hall girls :)

Celebrating the end of SOCIOLOGY midterms!! This was two weeks before Halloween hehe

Aaaaaaand... going again on Halloween! 
From left to right, the ice cream princess, the school girl, the vampire lady, the soldier, the rabbit, the cat and the flower fairy hahaha!

Who did Joyce's eye make up?? I DID!!! #proud

Then it was Huan Jun's birthday in mid-Nov!!
The D1 guys do epic things to birthday boys la. HAHA! See that sign on Huan Jun?? 

My D block buddies!!! :D
This was about one of the last few times we really had fun, cause we had to go straight into MUG MODE for the finals........


MUGGING IN BIZ LIBRARY! Can you spot Eliz and I? :)

It became a ritual for the four of us (Ashley, Joyce, Eliz and I) to study at biz. Those two weeks of Reading Week hell was absolute torture. We literally had to drag our feet from hall to the library and study close to 24/7. It wasn't fun, not all :( 

We managed to clock 10am - 3am once, and though we felt somewhat accomplished, it was pure undiluted agony

But of course, being the D-blockers that we are, we always find a way to have fun hehehe

Playing Bridge in the middle of mugging in D lounge!

And again on another day. Hahahah

Amazing Hannah left this on my door the night before my last paper :) I love you girl!


Bugis shopping + Strictly Pancakes with Joyce and Hannah right after my (horrendous) PF1102 final paper!!!!!!!!!!

Zouked, and visited Velvet for the first time that night. Honestly it wasn't a very fun day; it was PACKED with prom kids. Haiyoh.

And finally, Eliz and Nic finished their finals!!! :D They ended the latest in D block, so we all went out to eat to celebrate with them!!! :D

We decided to eat Vegetarian (cause our vegetarian Yong Sheng just moved in to D block haha WE ARE SHO NICE), and the rest of the guys became very deprived of meat afterwards haahaha! It was quite funny! 

It was a happy happy happy Thursday; we went to watch RISE OF THE GUARDIANS, and then went to yummy 7 Sensations at beautiful Millennia Walk for our vegetarian dinner :D :D

D block.
It's amazing how so many awesome, wonderful people can eventually be congregated in one block HAHA. Eusoff is made awesome because of these people :D

Back to hall for some games! :D

Anyway, drama ensued, and while waiting for it to be settled, the rest of the block gathered and camwhored HAHAHA
#inappropriate BUT STILL :)
And this pic is too funny! JJ and Ashley asleep, Kun Wei stuck in a weird position cause of Yong Sheng, Eliz being unfortunately trapped, and a very candid Yi Ren and Joyce!!! xD


We dragged the sleepy boys out for brunch the next morning!!! But because we had to drag them one by one, it became late lunch ahaha. Food was AMAZING!!!!!!!

Thank you for being awesome, you guys :))
Double-chin smiley for y'all!!

Eliz, Ashley and I went to shop at Far East afterwards!!!Got our Xmas nails done hehe.
Oh god we're pampering ourselves tooooooo much spending toooooo much money!!!!!!!

Hannah left for Zoukout, which made us really envious haha! Ashley managed to get guestlist for us at Avalon that Friday night, and so we went!!!

It was so pretty!

From the inside of Avalon, with my pretty girls Ashley and Eliz (in her new top!).
You could see as much of the scenic Singapore as you wanted! 
It was really a giant, transparent, sparkly cube - amazing architecture and brilliant location. I loved it!!

Girls for the night! Minus Eliz, she's the person behind the lens for this shot hehe.


I really wanted to drink everything. It was so yummy. And you know, "yummy" isn't the right adjective for alcohol... But I swear it was great! Wtfbbq did they put into the drinks!! (But they did it right). My standards have just shot up, ty Avalon. 

Playing with my bokeh app :D

Hi. I have no nose.


Spent Saturday night in Ashley's room, chatting. 

Almost everyone had left for home by then, so it was really comforting to have someone in hall with me haha! Thanks for staying one more night with me Ashley! :)) I just rolled around her bed while she packed up hehe

Unglam, but fun! :)

Sunday morning. 
Won't be seeing my pretty room much, until January :)

Until January, then :)
And for some reason, I can't wait! ^^

So for now, I will roll around and indulge in the comforts of my home hehe.