Monday, December 10, 2012

Eusoff, Semester 1

Currently settled comfortably in my happy swivel chair, blasting music and feeling at hoooooome!

Dammit I need to unpack.

So Eusoff made us move out (yes, MADE US) for the vacation, even though it really is kinda pointless, seeing as how we all have to go back to NUS almost everyday for IHG and IVP trainings. Them Eusoff leaders are real businessmen.

Well, all is ok. I do miss home quite a lot! For some reason staying at home alone is just more comforting than staying in hall alone. Gets kinda lonely when your hall neighbours are out (or maybe I'm too sensitive HEHE), and I'm surrounded with food at home.

Ah, but I miss my hall mates already :( Especially the D3 girls!! And the amount of madness and fun we find ourselves in :D Next sem awaits us!!! Btw gaiz, there was a lizard in my room today, as I was moving out T_T fml. Joyce, you're not alone in this anymore. MISS YOU GIRLS.

Truth be told, Eusoff Hall has been amazing :)
Despite the forever-dusty venetian blinds, the endless lizard-wars, the trainings and late nights, Hall life has been simply a m a z i n g.

Decorated D3 for Halloween!

With my awesome Hannah!!!

Epic Joyce (Y)

Having a D3 picnic one very random night in Elizabeth's room! Complete with flowers, uke and hot drinks :D

D block Halloween-boothing during Eusoff Formal Dinner

Love this photo so much haha!

First time going to Zouk with the hall girls :)

Celebrating the end of SOCIOLOGY midterms!! This was two weeks before Halloween hehe

Aaaaaaand... going again on Halloween! 
From left to right, the ice cream princess, the school girl, the vampire lady, the soldier, the rabbit, the cat and the flower fairy hahaha!

Who did Joyce's eye make up?? I DID!!! #proud

Then it was Huan Jun's birthday in mid-Nov!!
The D1 guys do epic things to birthday boys la. HAHA! See that sign on Huan Jun?? 

My D block buddies!!! :D
This was about one of the last few times we really had fun, cause we had to go straight into MUG MODE for the finals........


MUGGING IN BIZ LIBRARY! Can you spot Eliz and I? :)

It became a ritual for the four of us (Ashley, Joyce, Eliz and I) to study at biz. Those two weeks of Reading Week hell was absolute torture. We literally had to drag our feet from hall to the library and study close to 24/7. It wasn't fun, not all :( 

We managed to clock 10am - 3am once, and though we felt somewhat accomplished, it was pure undiluted agony

But of course, being the D-blockers that we are, we always find a way to have fun hehehe

Playing Bridge in the middle of mugging in D lounge!

And again on another day. Hahahah

Amazing Hannah left this on my door the night before my last paper :) I love you girl!


Bugis shopping + Strictly Pancakes with Joyce and Hannah right after my (horrendous) PF1102 final paper!!!!!!!!!!

Zouked, and visited Velvet for the first time that night. Honestly it wasn't a very fun day; it was PACKED with prom kids. Haiyoh.

And finally, Eliz and Nic finished their finals!!! :D They ended the latest in D block, so we all went out to eat to celebrate with them!!! :D

We decided to eat Vegetarian (cause our vegetarian Yong Sheng just moved in to D block haha WE ARE SHO NICE), and the rest of the guys became very deprived of meat afterwards haahaha! It was quite funny! 

It was a happy happy happy Thursday; we went to watch RISE OF THE GUARDIANS, and then went to yummy 7 Sensations at beautiful Millennia Walk for our vegetarian dinner :D :D

D block.
It's amazing how so many awesome, wonderful people can eventually be congregated in one block HAHA. Eusoff is made awesome because of these people :D

Back to hall for some games! :D

Anyway, drama ensued, and while waiting for it to be settled, the rest of the block gathered and camwhored HAHAHA
#inappropriate BUT STILL :)
And this pic is too funny! JJ and Ashley asleep, Kun Wei stuck in a weird position cause of Yong Sheng, Eliz being unfortunately trapped, and a very candid Yi Ren and Joyce!!! xD


We dragged the sleepy boys out for brunch the next morning!!! But because we had to drag them one by one, it became late lunch ahaha. Food was AMAZING!!!!!!!

Thank you for being awesome, you guys :))
Double-chin smiley for y'all!!

Eliz, Ashley and I went to shop at Far East afterwards!!!Got our Xmas nails done hehe.
Oh god we're pampering ourselves tooooooo much spending toooooo much money!!!!!!!

Hannah left for Zoukout, which made us really envious haha! Ashley managed to get guestlist for us at Avalon that Friday night, and so we went!!!

It was so pretty!

From the inside of Avalon, with my pretty girls Ashley and Eliz (in her new top!).
You could see as much of the scenic Singapore as you wanted! 
It was really a giant, transparent, sparkly cube - amazing architecture and brilliant location. I loved it!!

Girls for the night! Minus Eliz, she's the person behind the lens for this shot hehe.


I really wanted to drink everything. It was so yummy. And you know, "yummy" isn't the right adjective for alcohol... But I swear it was great! Wtfbbq did they put into the drinks!! (But they did it right). My standards have just shot up, ty Avalon. 

Playing with my bokeh app :D

Hi. I have no nose.


Spent Saturday night in Ashley's room, chatting. 

Almost everyone had left for home by then, so it was really comforting to have someone in hall with me haha! Thanks for staying one more night with me Ashley! :)) I just rolled around her bed while she packed up hehe

Unglam, but fun! :)

Sunday morning. 
Won't be seeing my pretty room much, until January :)

Until January, then :)
And for some reason, I can't wait! ^^

So for now, I will roll around and indulge in the comforts of my home hehe.

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