Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm a busy girl, in a busy world~~

December is so packed!!

I've never actually had to need to plan my schedule a week in advance (ever since I stopped working in June that is), but now with cheer trainings to attend, table tennis to organize (JOYCE!!!) and floorball to TM, I'm really pressed for time.

And the annual Alpha Verve cheer camp is coming! I'm so excited!! :D

So if you need me, please book an appointment with my agent, wink wink. HAHA. [/self-important-moment]

Anyway, I've also went back to work at iStudio again, about once or twice a week. Very little, but I really overspent in the short week of absolute freedom I had after finals @_@

I blame it on Bugis and the wonders of Taobao.

Speaking of which I can't wait to get my hands on my Taobao buys, squee! (ASHLEY!!!!!!)


I really like working at iStudio during the Decemeber/Christmas season :)

It makes me really happy when I see parents bringing their kids in to choose an iPad mini (dammit rich people - but that's not the point here), or even better, when adults approach me and ask which iPad cover or accessory the grandpa/grandma of the family would like.

It really, really makes me very happy :')


Then during my breaks, when I exit Paragon, I see families with Christmas hats walking together down the street, or kids dragging their reluctant dads nearer to the big Christmas tree while their moms furiously fumble with their 12093811238 cameras to get a good shot... It's a little hilarious, but you hardly ever see these kinda things on a normal day in Orchard. Or anywhere, for that matter.

Usually it's just young adults decked out in the latest threads, but now when the happy smell of kindness is in the air, it's like happiness has finally gone out of hibernation and is taking over every corner of the world. Hahaha! Ok my description is a bit corny, but you get my drift :D


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